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Make Data Accessibility a Reality in Your Environment With Dell EMC

Dell EMC Recoverpoint
I've learned many hard lessons about the importance of backup and recovery planning. Waiting until a disaster occurs to think about recovering lost data and getting systems back up and running can lead to serious financial losses for businesses, as you have to deal with the costs of data loss and also the loss of revenue that results…Read More

The New Veeam Availability Suite Is the Perfect Platform for Hybrid Cloud

Veeam Availability Suite 9.5
In August 2016, Veeam announced the next generation of its Availability Suite: Veeam Availability Platform for the Hybrid Cloud. This is the perfect solution for businesses that need to use an always-on cloud service to support their business operations. Below, I’ve outlined the features offered by this new platform and highlight how they can benefit businesses. What…Read More

Disaster Recovery Planning in the Healthcare Industry

In the world of healthcare, the development of a solid disaster recovery plan has tended to fall by the wayside, and rightfully so. Most of the available resources are focused on keeping the lights on, keeping the operation running and providing great service to patients. Fair enough, right? Unfortunately, I've found not planning for disaster recovery can…Read More

Why Backup and Recovery is Vital for Your Disaster Response Plan

Disaster Recovery Plan
  In a world of "always-on" cloud databases, it can be easy to feel like data backup and recovery has become a thing of the past, leading to the question, "is backup dead?" When it comes to disaster recovery and planning, the answer is a firm "no." Here's why. Understanding Backup's Place in the Disaster…Read More

Unitrends Backup and Recovery Solutions Keep Businesses Running

Unitrends backup recovery solutions
Realizing that you don’t have a data backup or disaster recovery (DR) solution is stressful. But so is the thought of researching solutions — and finding money in the budget. MicroAge’s Hunter Boyd recently counseled two clients with similar DR and data backup needs. The first, a power company, wanted to make sure they could…Read More

Disaster Recovery and What It Means To You

Disaster recovery plan
Companies depend on their technology infrastructure, but the Disaster Recovery Benchmark Survey found almost three out of four companies may not recover from a disaster. I noticed these companies may not realize how damaging it is to go through an extended outage or data loss until it's too late. Instead of waiting for the worst…Read More

Is Your IT Environment Prepared for Exponential Data Growth?

Organizations now operate in what Cisco refers to as "The Zettabyte Era" of big data. By the end of 2016, Cisco's analysts predict we will pass the zettabyte threshold in annual global IP traffic, and by 2019, global Internet traffic will be 66 times the volume of the entire global Internet (as it existed in…Read More

vCloud Air DRaaS: Enterprise-Ready Disaster Recovery on a Budget

If your data center goes down and you don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, you’re facing a serious crisis. For the IT department manager of a community nonprofit in the Midwest, that crisis would’ve had a ripple effect—as his data center operated as a central hub. Plus, as a one-man IT department, he…Read More

Tackling Overdue Data Center Refresh in Three Steps with Dell, VMware

With the uncertain economy of the past few years many companies have put IT investment on hold. Before you know it, years have passed since your last scheduled data center refresh. Now you have no choice but to upgrade... but where do you begin? Sound familiar? This was the reality facing the IT team for…Read More

Data Center Refresh and Server Virtualization Provides Big Benefits

Today’s small businesses with moderately sized data centers are under immense pressure. It is essential they keep pace with escalating network demands, support new application architectures and sustain virtualized environments. Moreover, they are expected to operate more efficiently and more cost-effectively than ever before. For these reasons and more, a Southwest-area health care service provider…Read More