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NetApp and Syncsort Provide Intelligent Big Data Management

When a business has more intelligence and data, it can make better decisions. And that’s a good thing. But if acquiring that business intelligence requires manual work on the part of your IT team, Big Data management can become a Big Problem. For a 2,000-user manufacturing group, enterprise resource planning (ERP) was the answer—integrating various…Read More

Nimble SAN for Virtual Environment Supports Massive Storage Needs

Architectural Firm Solves Data Storage Needs with SAN for Virtual Environment. Although a building is built brick by brick, it begins with plans, renderings and 3D models—high-intensive graphic files that architects need to access or modify quickly throughout a project’s duration. When a firm has a lot of power users, it requires the best equipment…Read More

Doubling Down: Teamwork and HP Redundant SAN Create Strong DR Solution

This is a lesson in teamwork—teamwork and redundancy. In life, and in IT, two is usually better than one, as a software publishing company learned after its storage attached network (SAN) failed. It all ended well thanks to an IT dynamic duo who made it their mission to not only find a solution to get…Read More

Big Data Infrastructure: Dell, VMware Solution Handles Exponential Growth

When customers talk—especially when they complain—you listen. So, when the network manager and regional CIO of a medical data company managing big data recently heard from customers that its system was too slow, they knew they had to take action to upgrade their big data infrastructure to maintain their existing customer base. And their big…Read More

Durable, HIPAA-Compliant Laptop: Lenovo X230t Convertible to the Rescue

The health care industry demands a lot from its IT equipment: such as a HIPAA-compliant laptop that can endure a bumpy ambulance ride, equipped with long-lasting batteries and security measures. With the right expert, anything is possible. Last summer, the IT director of a privately held ambulance company was trying to find a laptop/tablet solution…Read More

Affordable Disaster Recovery Site with HP

A loss of important data is devastating. For a chain of West Coast bakeries and restaurants, an outdated disaster recovery method was a recipe for … well, disaster. “They were using a tape backup solution, so they did have something in place, but it was outdated,” says MicroAge’s JP Patchett. “They wanted a true disaster…Read More

VMware SRM Means Fast, Accurate DR, Replication for Global Freight Firm

For this global freight logistics company, ensuring data integrity is a central priority. With its worldwide presence, it is vital to not only have a disaster recovery solution in place, but also to ensure that it can rapidly respond, anywhere at any time. Several years ago, the company’s data center architect replaced 80 percent of…Read More

Carbonite EVault Data Backup and Recovery Keeps Huge—and Growing—Database Safe

When you have a database of 235 million consumer records and more than 2,200 participating organizations, you have to have ironclad reliability in storage and data backup and recovery. Specializing in providing data for clients to market to their customers, this company is experiencing data growth of 30 percent per year. It is mission-critical to…Read More

Riverbed WAN Optimization Speeds Up Large File Access

Supporting the nation’s major telecommunications carriers is a major undertaking. Working from its headquarters and eight remote sites, this client specializes in cell tower design, architecture and construction across the United States. In the field, its architects rely on the transfer, download and use of data files to complete their projects. But the files are…Read More

Virtualizing a Disaster Recovery Site

When it was time for a multinational instrumentation company to modernize their environment and virtualize their disaster recovery site, they called HP — and HP referred them to MicroAge. “That’s because we’re certified in HP enterprise, servers, storage and networking,” explains MicroAge’s Hunter Boyd. “HP will often refer a client to a partner like us…Read More