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MicroAge Helps San Diego Padres Move to Cloud-Based Communications

San Diego Padres moved to cloud-based communications
Preparing to host an All-Star weekend is a lot more than just counting ballots. A number of mechanisms, processes, and communication are needed to provide a great fan experience. In preparation for the 2016 season and the July 12 All-Star game, the San Diego Padres organization knew it needed to update its communications system and…Read More

Motorsports Company Races Toward PCI-Compliant POS Solution

PCI-Compliant POS Solution
Any company with a brick-and-mortar store for merchandise sales knows the importance of having point-of-sale (POS) terminals that process payments quickly and easily — for both customers and employees. For a large motorsports company that owns multiple NASCAR teams, gearing up for a special event last year also meant the need for PCI-compliant POS stations.…Read More

Mobile Cloud Wi-Fi Keeps Bus Passengers Connected on the Open Road

Long road trips can be monotonous, but not for groups touring America on one ground transportation company’s luxury buses—they’re able to stream movies, check Facebook and read email thanks to a mobile cloud Wi-Fi solution MicroAge integrated. Wanting to offer free Wi-Fi to customers as a basic service, a Southwest-based ground transportation company was also…Read More

Media Firm Gets High-End Custom Workstation with Fast, Easy Deployment

Producing high-quality media content requires tremendous processing power and memory. When a New York- and Hollywood-based television and film company needed a standardized workstation platform to meet its content editors’ media needs, it turned to MicroAge for help. The client had very specific—and very ambitious—video editing needs. MicroAge’s Daniel Archer and Sue Spinnato found a…Read More

From 6 to 100 MB: How to Speed Up Internet in a Remote Location

It’s possible with a MicroAge Telecom Analysis. Slow Internet can be frustrating, yes. But it can also be bad for business. Meeting with the IT manager of a 300-employee casino in a remote location, MicroAge’s Amber Tuckwiller and Phil Tuckwiller heard him say something that made them do a double take. “He said the casino…Read More

Taking the Gamble Out of Support Contracts for a Vegas Casino Operator

For today’s business-critical applications and communications, business continuity is crucial. Downtime due to network security threats or any other issues can have dire consequences.  This is particularly true in the high-stakes hospitality and casino industry where a single breach can result in millions of dollars in fines—and the loss of loyal customers who expect the…Read More

Taking the Gamble Out of Network Security Threats for a Casino Operator

For any business, network security threats can have dire consequences. But for the high-stakes hospitality and casino industry, a single breach can result in millions of dollars in fines and the loss of loyal customers who expect the utmost in privacy and discretion.  So gambling with securing their customers’ personal information—information that casino operators have…Read More