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Cisco Meraki Wireless Networking Solution Saves IT Staff Time

When you think of all that goes into moving from one facility to another, it can make your head spin. But a move is also a great time and the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at your technology and make improvements. And for the IT director of a medium-sized digital radiology and storage…Read More

IT Systems for Health Care: LTAC Operator Turns to MicroAge for Aid

Every industry has its own language and, of course, its own technology needs. For the IT manager of a long-term acute care (LTAC) facility, working with someone who understood the broader health care industry as well as the LTAC niche was important, as he searched for a better way to find IT systems for health…Read More

Durable, HIPAA-Compliant Laptop: Lenovo X230t Convertible to the Rescue

The health care industry demands a lot from its IT equipment: such as a HIPAA-compliant laptop that can endure a bumpy ambulance ride, equipped with long-lasting batteries and security measures. With the right expert, anything is possible. Last summer, the IT director of a privately held ambulance company was trying to find a laptop/tablet solution…Read More

Doing IT Right: Tribal Health Org Saves with VMware Non-Profit Licensing

As an IT leader, you know the challenges of managing a team—determining technical needs, allocating resources, managing vendors and more. Where do you start? When Adam Culich took over as Information Systems Officer for the California Rural Indian Health Board (CRIHB), a consortium of tribal health entities, he had a number of objectives. He started…Read More

Emergency Response: Medical-Grade LCD Monitors Needed Stat

With 14 affiliate hospitals located in the southern United States, this health care enterprise enjoys a stellar reputation in patient care. Quality and compassion are its hallmarks and it always seeks new avenues to deliver both. One such avenue was in medical-grade LCD monitors and it’s where MicroAge’s Kevin Kotecki resolved an urgent need. Medical-grade…Read More

EMC SAN Overcomes Server Sprawl for Medical Imaging Provider

For a leading medical imaging provider, storage is a central priority. With more than 60 locations across five states and legal requirements to retain images for to seven to ten years, the company was fully enmeshed in “server sprawl” with images stored on many different platforms, direct-attached storage on servers and two different storage area…Read More

Dell Networking Solution Lets Fast-Growing Pediatric Practice Keep Up

With four busy locations and 20+ physicians, this pediatric practice sees its share of skinned knees and other boo-boos. Focused on providing excellent, kid-friendly medical services, the practice has grown as fast as its patients, but its network just wasn’t keeping up. Between the sheer numbers of patient records, the electronic medical record mandate, and…Read More

Data Center Gets Powerful Protection with Eaton UPS

When failure is not an option. With 40 physicians at three locations seeing 600 patients a day, this orthopaedic practice handles an enormous volume of data. Recently the practice built a new data center to manage and secure its extensive infrastructure, which includes 40 highly virtualized servers, two SANs, and wireless networking. The chief technology…Read More

Meaningful Use of Space: Accomplishing EHR Requirements in Tight Quarters

Compassion. Confidentiality. Convenience. They are three key elements of modern medicine and are all key components of a tribal health initiative supported by MicroAge’s Topher Spinnato. Working with a Native American community, Topher met with its CIO to address how best to merge technology with patient treatment at its health care facility. The goal was…Read More

Custom Touch Screens for Hospital HVAC Monitoring

Sometimes the exact solution you’re looking for doesn’t exist; sometimes you have to build it. When an HVAC company’s project manager was looking for a large, high-quality touch screen to integrate with an HVAC system design for a Midwest hospital, he wasn’t sure where to turn. He knew what he was looking for, but it…Read More