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Designing a Data Center for a Start-Up

Entrepreneurial vision is the key ingredient in driving innovation across all industries. The medical field is no exception; for this start-up marketing company, the very first step was to design a basic, yet robust, data center to support current and future operations. The client contacted MicroAge to plan and implement a solution to address all requirements—from…Read More

Health Care Provider Meets Federal Mandates While Maximizing IT Budget

EHR/EMR and Virtualization As the year 2015 approaches, medical practices nationwide must be ready to meet the mandated EHR/EMR (electronic health record/electronic medical record) requirements of the federal government or likely face penalties. For this health care provider, encompassing five freestanding clinics, it was imperative to implement the appropriate infrastructure to support high-volume EHR/EMR files in the…Read More

HIPAA-Compliant SAN Solution is the Best Medicine for Health Care Practice

For any medical practice, record keeping is an essential element in its operations—be it in patient, administrative or billing contexts. With a 2015 federally mandated electronic record keeping deadline approaching, it is a smart business decision for any practice to ensure its infrastructure is both current and robust enough to manage extensive data collection and…Read More

Dental Business Gets Efficient, Reliable Data Backup and Deduplicaton

‘Byte’ Protection With more than 5,000 customers, this century-old company provides a range of dental products, supplies and services to dental practices across the western United States. In the past century, it has expanded from a single entity to a significant regional presence. The client relies on technology to conduct business and given its far…Read More

Health Care Agency’s Ailing Data Center Finds New Life

Ensuring Optimal Data Center Health In any health care setting, the retrieval, storage and security of patient records is mission-critical. When that is multiplied in terms of a governmental agency serving an entire population, reliable and secure data storage is central to effective operations. For this Native American tribe’s existing data center, which housed numerous…Read More

EMR Provider Chooses MicroAge to Create Right-Sized Hardware Solutions

IT Pain Reliever: A Cure for EMR Headaches The future is now in the field of electronic medical records (EMR); all medical providers are scheduled to meet a federal mandate for fully automated records by 2015. As providers prepare to meet this challenge, EMR providers continue to proliferate. One such EMR provider contacted Adam Rankin, MicroAge…Read More

Health Care Data Center Relocation and Overhaul Increases Security, Savings

Building a Healthy Data Infrastructure One of the largest health care associations in the United States with numerous locations and divisions, this client’s operations run and depend on its data center. For a number of years, data center operations were outsourced to a hosting partner, and fees and costs continually increased. Further, accessibility to the partner’s location…Read More

Mobile IT Solutions Help Biomedical Organization with Efficiency and Budget

Upgrading Technology, Improving Lives For health care product manufacturers and service providers, saving and improving lives is the central mission. Nowhere is this more evident than in biomedical products, where the product literally becomes the beginning of a patient’s return to health. For several years, MicroAge has partnered with a leading bio-product company to support uninterrupted…Read More

Power Failure Solved by UPS Rental

What happens when the data center for a health care provider with offices in more than a dozen states loses power? It’s one of those recurring nightmares many IT managers have and they usually end with the dreamer waking to the sound of his own screams. This was the case when I received a call…Read More