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Affordable Disaster Recovery Site with HP

A loss of important data is devastating. For a chain of West Coast bakeries and restaurants, an outdated disaster recovery method was a recipe for … well, disaster. “They were using a tape backup solution, so they did have something in place, but it was outdated,” says MicroAge’s JP Patchett. “They wanted a true disaster…Read More

Affordable Server Virtualization Solution Features HP Blades, VMware

For every IT project you take on, the solution needs to be effective and implemented on time. And—just as important—it needs to be under budget. When an IT project manager at a prestigious global consulting firm was ready to virtualize several servers in a regional office, he called an IT provider to help. The quote…Read More

HP, EMC Data Storage Expansion Cures Veterinary Imaging Firm’s Pet Peeve

Patient care often involves X-rays, ultrasounds and other imaging options. When your patients are the four-legged kind you must rely on specific imaging technology for diagnosis and treatment. For hundreds of veterinary practices nationwide, this company sets the industry standard. With its leading digital radiography, cloud-based picture archiving and communication system (PACS), ultrasound and imaging…Read More

Virtualizing a Disaster Recovery Site

When it was time for a multinational instrumentation company to modernize their environment and virtualize their disaster recovery site, they called HP — and HP referred them to MicroAge. “That’s because we’re certified in HP enterprise, servers, storage and networking,” explains MicroAge’s Hunter Boyd. “HP will often refer a client to a partner like us…Read More

Server Consolidation and Virtualization Project Comes In Under Budget

The demands on today’s IT departments are complex. Do more with less. Save money. Stay ahead of the technology curve without overspending. And these demands are even greater for traditional brick-and-mortar companies, which are contending with thinner margins and more competition, explains MicroAge’s Hunter Boyd. “A lot of brick-and-mortar companies are dealing with smaller IT…Read More

IT Refresh and Microwave Broadband Bring Manufacturer Up to Speed

Staying current on technology advancements matters. Regardless of size or sector, delaying an IT infrastructure refresh can be dangerous in terms of system instability or failure. Information technology continues to evolve at dizzying speed; ‘keeping up to keep business going’ can be daunting without a partner like MicroAge. For this manufacturer specializing in the production of…Read More

A Move to Efficiency: Migrating Dozens of Sites to One Operating System

Acquisitions, mergers, different IT leaders over the years…take these factors over time and a company’s information technology environment can start to run amok with multiple platforms. For a West Coast environmental engineering firm with three different operating systems in its environment, it was time to get everyone on the same page. That’s when the IT…Read More

Finding Solutions Within a Constrained IT Budget

Managing budgets is an essential function of any IT manager. In today’s economy, it can be an even greater challenge when a company doesn’t have much cash on hand and lenders have pulled back on IT financing options. So, when a local consulting company lacked the money it needed to invest in its IT operations,…Read More

Bakery Needs MicroAge to Create the Perfect Infrastructure Recipe

Servers, Networking and Security A tried-and-true recipe makes a perfect loaf of bread. For this bakery chain with approximately 30 locations in the western U.S., baking traditions are supported by IT infrastructure innovation and MicroAge’s JP Patchett. Initially contacted by the client’s IT director when he joined the company, JP’s first engagement was to document and…Read More

Data Center Virtualization Provides Long-Term Cost Savings

The director of IT for a local, multi-branch credit union was ready to virtualize his operation. But like many IT leaders, he wasn’t sure of the best way to achieve that goal. He explained his concerns and questions to MicroAge's Chris Reinhard. To help the IT director understand his options, Chris arranged for presentations from…Read More