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High Availability Radio Communications Keep First Responders Rolling

High Availability Radio Communications for First Responders
Staying online and in communication is important to every organization, but it can be a matter of life and death for fire and rescue services. Read on to learn how MicroAge recently supported a private American fire department with high availability radio communications when they’re needed most. A west coast leader in private fire protection…Read More

7 Upcoming IoT Trends Every CIO Should Know About Now

IoT and data
Once a buzzword, the "internet of things" (IoT) industry is now booming and delivering real benefits and opportunities for organizations dedicated to improving efficiency, product and service delivery, and customer satisfaction. With studies predicting the continued growth of the industry and massive adoption and integration levels in the future, the CIOs and CTOs who are…Read More

7 Things to Know About 5G

In recent years, tech advancements have made fifth-generation cellular networks (i.e., 5G) possible. 5G will be much faster than existing 4G connections and is expected to facilitate the seamless operation of VR tech, self-driving cars, drones, industrial robots and more. Basically, 5G is the newest generation of mobile broadband that will augment and eventually replace current 4G…Read More

Improving IoT Security: 4 Ways to Slam the Door on Hackers

As I was reading a recent Sophos blog on improving IoT security, I had a flashback to my childhood. Growing up, my parents got after me for leaving doors open (“In or out!”, “You’re letting all the warm/cool air out!” and “You’re letting bugs in!” were popular in my house). Your company leaders probably don’t…Read More

The Future of IoT

The Future of IoT
The future of IoT (Internet of Things) is the device you already own. Much like the cloud, IoT is the latest marketing term for practices and technology many people have already been using, just at a larger scale. At its core, any connected device falls under the IoT umbrella. Our partner Bitdefender has an excellent…Read More

Quick Tips for Securing Your IoT Device

Secure Your IoT Devices
With more botnets being created from IoT devices, securing and cleaning the devices is more important than ever. There has been a rise of high profile infections in the likes of Aidra, Mirai, and now Linux/IRCTelnet which infected over 3,500 devices in five days. Although these light-weight devices generally do not support security on them,…Read More

Tearing Down Technology Silos

Today's technology landscape is radically different from that of the last decade. Cloud technologies have revolutionized the traditional infrastructure layout and has added complex new demands to the IT team. Enterprise adoption of cloud computing solutions continues to grow, with Rightscale discovering 95%of surveyed businesses use public, private or hybrid clouds in their organizations. Converged and hyper-converged systems are forcing IT to venture…Read More