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Durable, HIPAA-Compliant Laptop: Lenovo X230t Convertible to the Rescue

The health care industry demands a lot from its IT equipment: such as a HIPAA-compliant laptop that can endure a bumpy ambulance ride, equipped with long-lasting batteries and security measures. With the right expert, anything is possible. Last summer, the IT director of a privately held ambulance company was trying to find a laptop/tablet solution…Read More

All-in-One PC for Harsh Environments Keeps Tire Manufacturer Rolling

In an ideal world, you’d keep all of your technology in a cool, dry room away from any dust or dirt. But when you’re the IT network manager for a large tire manufacturer, you don’t have that luxury – you need a tough PC for harsh environments. In its various production facilities, the client had…Read More

How a Retail Chain Simplified IT Procurement

Opening a retail store isn’t easy. There are a lot of moving parts, and IT is just one piece of the complex puzzle. To uncomplicate the IT procurement piece of that puzzle, a mid-market farming and ranching retail chain reached out to MicroAge's Mike LaPorta for support. Mike started with a site visit to understand…Read More

Defective Units Lead to a Better, More Reliable Laptop Solution

Combining High-Quality Notebooks with Stellar Customer Service With plans to order 250 PC laptops over the course of a year, a Midwestern law firm began with just 20. But when those notebooks proved to be defective, the manufacturer refused to take them back, and trying to get the devices repaired under the warranty agreement became…Read More