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Benefits of a Software-Defined Data Center: Agility, Security, Economy

Benefits of a Software-Defined Data Center include agility, security and economy
When it’s time to make improvements to your organization’s IT infrastructure, there’s a lot to consider — your IT strategy, your current environment and hardware, your budget and your team, for starters. The IT leadership at one large credit union in the Southwest understood the importance of evolving their technology while maintaining the utmost security…Read More

Tackling Overdue Data Center Refresh in Three Steps with Dell, VMware

With the uncertain economy of the past few years many companies have put IT investment on hold. Before you know it, years have passed since your last scheduled data center refresh. Now you have no choice but to upgrade... but where do you begin? Sound familiar? This was the reality facing the IT team for…Read More

VMware SRM Means Fast, Accurate DR, Replication for Global Freight Firm

For this global freight logistics company, ensuring data integrity is a central priority. With its worldwide presence, it is vital to not only have a disaster recovery solution in place, but also to ensure that it can rapidly respond, anywhere at any time. Several years ago, the company’s data center architect replaced 80 percent of…Read More

EMC SAN Overcomes Server Sprawl for Medical Imaging Provider

For a leading medical imaging provider, storage is a central priority. With more than 60 locations across five states and legal requirements to retain images for to seven to ten years, the company was fully enmeshed in “server sprawl” with images stored on many different platforms, direct-attached storage on servers and two different storage area…Read More

Data Center Gets Powerful Protection with Eaton UPS

When failure is not an option. With 40 physicians at three locations seeing 600 patients a day, this orthopaedic practice handles an enormous volume of data. Recently the practice built a new data center to manage and secure its extensive infrastructure, which includes 40 highly virtualized servers, two SANs, and wireless networking. The chief technology…Read More

A Move to Efficiency: Migrating Dozens of Sites to One Operating System

Acquisitions, mergers, different IT leaders over the years…take these factors over time and a company’s information technology environment can start to run amok with multiple platforms. For a West Coast environmental engineering firm with three different operating systems in its environment, it was time to get everyone on the same page. That’s when the IT…Read More

SAN Offers Design Firm Efficiency with Virtualization-Friendly Features

For many companies, the past few years have been a fight to hold on to customers and market share. As the economy slowly improves, it’s good news for companies that are ready to grow again. For an architectural design firm with more than 10 domestic and international offices, growth is in the cards, and that…Read More

Email Archiving Achieves Compliance with Easy Searchability and Retrieval

For governmental agencies, record keeping is essential to operations.  Email archiving is no exception and in most cases, needs to be retained for at least seven years. Public entities must have records available for access and review as required; since technology has grown and superseded traditional record keeping, email records have taken on even more…Read More

Dental Business Gets Efficient, Reliable Data Backup and Deduplicaton

‘Byte’ Protection With more than 5,000 customers, this century-old company provides a range of dental products, supplies and services to dental practices across the western United States. In the past century, it has expanded from a single entity to a significant regional presence. The client relies on technology to conduct business and given its far…Read More

Engineering Firm Relies on MicroAge for Complete Data Center Refresh

Building Confidence Over time, civil engineering fully encompasses communities—from constructing roads to homes, public venues to office buildings—its long-term impact reverberates in numerous ways. For this established civil engineering firm in the western United States, maintaining uncompromising project quality is integral to its ongoing success. Network security, storage, data archiving, and disaster recovery are equally…Read More