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Cutting Costs and Upping Performance with Hybrid Cloud

Image depicting hybrid cloud
When you outgrow your house and want to expand, you need a solid foundation to build on. But what if yours isn’t up to the challenge? That’s the problem a medium-sized SaaS company specializing in credentialing services faced last year. Read on to see how a hybrid cloud solution provided that foundation—with increased performance and…Read More

How to Build a Software-Defined Data Center and Consolidate IT

How to Build a Software-Defined Data Center
What if you had no centralized data center? And your finance department managed its own data? And your marketing team had its own server too? And sales … And HR … And they all hired their own IT consultants to help them, leaving your limited IT resources to be used as repairmen rather than strategic…Read More

VMware Software-Defined Data Center is Strategic Move for Tribe

Software-Defined Data Center
There’s virtualization. And then, there’s virtualization. When MicroAge’s Shawn Anderson and Michael Zitar worked with a Native American tribe in the Southwest recently to help virtualize the tribe’s network, the tribe recognized that MicroAge could continue to be a valuable resource for the long term. “As their project expanded, we were clearly the best fit…Read More

MicroAge Donation to UA Provides Hadoop Cluster for Big Data Analytics

Data comes in all types of formats and from a variety of sources — from online and mobile applications, sensors, social media, purchases and more. With the exponential growth of data over the years has come a number of challenges, including how to store such massive volumes of information as well as how to make…Read More

HP SAN Upgrade Sidesteps Costly Forklift Upgrade

In the data intensive insurance industry, having enough network capacity to securely store your information is critical to your operations. For one MicroAge client, a New Jersey-based insurance provider with 150 users, expanding its 30-terabyte storage area network (SAN) to meet its growing data needs was not the only challenge. The SAN upgrade needed to…Read More

Government Contractor Turns to Vet-Owned MicroAge for Cisco DPAS Order

Government contractor earns high rating after engaging MicroAge as IT provider for DPAS-rated order. Government contractors deal with sensitive data—top-secret information that requires high-level security clearances. As a veteran-owned business, MicroAge understands this. “When we work with government contractors, we don’t have the advantage of knowing much about the end users,” explains MicroAge’s Michael Zitar.…Read More

With Cisco Network Upgrade, Processes Go From Hours to Seconds

When your business develops clean-air combustion systems for industries ranging from oil and gas to paper production, the last thing you need is for your network to blow up. For this company, recognized as a global leader in the design and manufacture of customized solutions, network stability, capacity and functionality are central to operations. Large…Read More

SafeNet Data Protection Provides Client Worldwide Data Security

With more than 16 million members worldwide, this religious organization’s data storage needs are immense. And because of the sensitive nature of the information, data protection and security are vital.  Managing and moving data around the clock and around the world, the organization’s IT operations are housed in massive data centers managed by more than…Read More

Expanding Server Capacity in a Jam-Packed Data Center

Meeting the data management needs of a world-class university’s astronomy department and observatory is no small feat, especially when the department is a leader in scientific research and discovery. So it’s not surprising that a lot of data is transmitted across its network infrastructure. But what might be is the small size of the data…Read More

HD Interactive Display Solution Provides Stellar Images

At this major university’s astronomy department, to “reach for the stars” is far more than a slogan, it’s a mission statement. With a renowned observatory and telescope, the university is a leading center for space research and discovery. Students participate in a leading astronomy academic program and the department boasts the largest graduate program in…Read More