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IT Infrastructure Overhaul Strengthens Manufacturer for Future Growth

Exponential growth is something many executives dream of when starting a company, but few are prepared for the challenges that arise when it happens, as one nutrition product manufacturer experienced after growing from 20 employees to 300, resulting in the need for an immediate IT infrastructure overhaul. Unable to accommodate so many users, the company’s…Read More

Taking the Gamble Out of Support Contracts for a Vegas Casino Operator

For today’s business-critical applications and communications, business continuity is crucial. Downtime due to network security threats or any other issues can have dire consequences.  This is particularly true in the high-stakes hospitality and casino industry where a single breach can result in millions of dollars in fines—and the loss of loyal customers who expect the…Read More

Automatic Wireless Failover Solution Keeps Retailer Selling

When good wired connections go bad, CradlePoint 3G/4G failover saves the day. Like many in the industry, this apparel manufacturer, distributor and retailer employs thousands of people and operates hundreds of stores worldwide, as well as the largest sewing facility in North America. Clearly, uninterrupted communication is integral to effective operations, and as the CIO…Read More

Switch Hit: Arista Networks VoIP Switches Save the Day

Sometimes even dire challenges have happy endings. For the IT manager of a large insurance company, this point was made as MicroAge recently turned a potential disaster involving VoIP switches into a win-win position. Opening a co-location data center, the company was scheduled to implement all elements in a specific time frame. Shipping both product…Read More

Cisco Meraki Wireless Networking Solution Saves IT Staff Time

When you think of all that goes into moving from one facility to another, it can make your head spin. But a move is also a great time and the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at your technology and make improvements. And for the IT director of a medium-sized digital radiology and storage…Read More

IT Systems for Health Care: LTAC Operator Turns to MicroAge for Aid

Every industry has its own language and, of course, its own technology needs. For the IT manager of a long-term acute care (LTAC) facility, working with someone who understood the broader health care industry as well as the LTAC niche was important, as he searched for a better way to find IT systems for health…Read More

With Cisco Network Upgrade, Processes Go From Hours to Seconds

When your business develops clean-air combustion systems for industries ranging from oil and gas to paper production, the last thing you need is for your network to blow up. For this company, recognized as a global leader in the design and manufacture of customized solutions, network stability, capacity and functionality are central to operations. Large…Read More

Reliable Data Lines Ensure Uptime for Busy Restaurant Chain

When I visited this Broadway restaurant with lines out the door, it was worth the wait—the burgers, fries and shakes were so good I wrote to the company home office. I wanted to let them know about my great experience…and suggest MicroAge as a technology partner! A day later the network administrator contacted me to…Read More

Dell Networking Solution Lets Fast-Growing Pediatric Practice Keep Up

With four busy locations and 20+ physicians, this pediatric practice sees its share of skinned knees and other boo-boos. Focused on providing excellent, kid-friendly medical services, the practice has grown as fast as its patients, but its network just wasn’t keeping up. Between the sheer numbers of patient records, the electronic medical record mandate, and…Read More

Giving Back to Pay It Forward: IT Upgrade Transforms U of A MIS Lab

The concept of ‘paying it forward,’ popularized by a book and movie with the same title, can be transformative. For the University of Arizona Management Information Services (MIS) department, a gift by MicroAge founder Jeff McKeever is doing just that— transforming a dated computer lab by upgrading everything, from technology to furnishings. The McClelland Hall…Read More