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How to Reduce Latency, Improve RPO, RTO Under Budget

Photo representing How to Reduce Latency
Figuring out how to reduce latency issues for a company with nearly 1,000 employees across nine offices in five countries is a challenge. Now, imagine doing it with just two IT staff. That’s what the new director of IT at an international retail company was tasked with. “The IT director was hired to fix the…Read More

Motorsports Company Races Toward PCI-Compliant POS Solution

PCI-Compliant POS Solution
Any company with a brick-and-mortar store for merchandise sales knows the importance of having point-of-sale (POS) terminals that process payments quickly and easily — for both customers and employees. For a large motorsports company that owns multiple NASCAR teams, gearing up for a special event last year also meant the need for PCI-compliant POS stations.…Read More

Automatic Wireless Failover Solution Keeps Retailer Selling

When good wired connections go bad, CradlePoint 3G/4G failover saves the day. Like many in the industry, this apparel manufacturer, distributor and retailer employs thousands of people and operates hundreds of stores worldwide, as well as the largest sewing facility in North America. Clearly, uninterrupted communication is integral to effective operations, and as the CIO…Read More

How a Retail Chain Simplified IT Procurement

Opening a retail store isn’t easy. There are a lot of moving parts, and IT is just one piece of the complex puzzle. To uncomplicate the IT procurement piece of that puzzle, a mid-market farming and ranching retail chain reached out to MicroAge's Mike LaPorta for support. Mike started with a site visit to understand…Read More

Affordable Disaster Recovery Site with HP

A loss of important data is devastating. For a chain of West Coast bakeries and restaurants, an outdated disaster recovery method was a recipe for … well, disaster. “They were using a tape backup solution, so they did have something in place, but it was outdated,” says MicroAge’s JP Patchett. “They wanted a true disaster…Read More

Reliable Data Lines Ensure Uptime for Busy Restaurant Chain

When I visited this Broadway restaurant with lines out the door, it was worth the wait—the burgers, fries and shakes were so good I wrote to the company home office. I wanted to let them know about my great experience…and suggest MicroAge as a technology partner! A day later the network administrator contacted me to…Read More

Bakery Needs MicroAge to Create the Perfect Infrastructure Recipe

Servers, Networking and Security A tried-and-true recipe makes a perfect loaf of bread. For this bakery chain with approximately 30 locations in the western U.S., baking traditions are supported by IT infrastructure innovation and MicroAge’s JP Patchett. Initially contacted by the client’s IT director when he joined the company, JP’s first engagement was to document and…Read More

Controller-less, Cloud Wi-Fi Solution Improves Retail Chain’s Operations

When the IT manager for a regional chain of about a dozen retail stores was looking to enhance his Wi-Fi environment, he knew he wanted the most advanced technology available. “In most wireless environments, you have access points that have to communicate somewhere to access the security policies you’ve set up. That’s how the technology knows who’s allowed…Read More

Cloud-Controlled Wi-Fi and Security is the Perfect Blend for Coffee House Chain

As coffee houses and cafes have proliferated across the country, they also have become far more than quick stops for “a cup of Joe.”  They are destinations in their own right, complete with Wi-Fi access points and various other technological outlets for customers to utilize. For this client, operating approximately 200 such storefronts across the…Read More

Data Center-In-A-Box: MicroAge Replicates Efficiency for Retailer’s Remote Locations

Remote Management for Business Growth A well-recognized household name, this retail giant incorporates numerous divisions and business lines with offices located across North America. For one of its divisions, MicroAge has been engaged to provide an array of server and networking solutions for a number of years. Recently, Adam Rankin, MicroAge Solutions Expert, was contacted…Read More