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Data Center Refresh and Server Virtualization Provides Big Benefits

Today’s small businesses with moderately sized data centers are under immense pressure. It is essential they keep pace with escalating network demands, support new application architectures and sustain virtualized environments. Moreover, they are expected to operate more efficiently and more cost-effectively than ever before. For these reasons and more, a Southwest-area health care service provider…Read More

MicroAge Sources and Delivers the Impossible

Component sourcing is fairly predictable, right? Not always. As Rich Birberick can attest, sourcing some components, like hard drives, can be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. For a longtime MicroAge client that integrates component systems for a major technology manufacturer, partnering with Rich is the key to its delivery of approved products. This…Read More

HIPAA-Compliant SAN Solution is the Best Medicine for Health Care Practice

For any medical practice, record keeping is an essential element in its operations—be it in patient, administrative or billing contexts. With a 2015 federally mandated electronic record keeping deadline approaching, it is a smart business decision for any practice to ensure its infrastructure is both current and robust enough to manage extensive data collection and…Read More

Eliminating the Shock Factor: Antistatic Flooring Grounds Data Center

Earth-Friendly Tiles are a 'Snap to Install' For many years this national communications company has relied on MicroAge's Rich Birberick to support its diverse technology needs. Working with the client on various infrastructure projects, Rich has been involved in supporting its data center, providing networking switches, and delivering power-over-Ethernet ‘atomic’ clocks with digital signage to…Read More