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Upgraded Telecom System with Polycom, Cisco Saves Nonprofit Thousands

Sure, you need your organization’s phone system to work well—after all, telecommunications is an important part of your business—but an upgraded telecom system shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why MicroAge’s Adam Rankin and Rob Boring are here. When they spoke with the IT director of a 50-employee nonprofit performing arts organization, they learned the client…Read More

Unified Communications: Lowering Phone Bill Allows for New VoIP System

Good Call: Telecom analysis uncovers savings, letting business upgrade to a unified communications VoIP solution. If you’re like a lot of IT leaders, you spend a lot of time and money on your company’s data—computers, data centers, networks and so on. Often overlooked is voice—or unified communications. For companies with employees who work off-site, from…Read More

Reliable Data Lines Ensure Uptime for Busy Restaurant Chain

When I visited this Broadway restaurant with lines out the door, it was worth the wait—the burgers, fries and shakes were so good I wrote to the company home office. I wanted to let them know about my great experience…and suggest MicroAge as a technology partner! A day later the network administrator contacted me to…Read More

Want to Avoid Monthly Telecommunications Sticker Shock?

No one likes getting the phone bill. And when that bill covers 40,000 to 50,000 minutes per month of national and international calls, plus hours of online meeting time, there’s not much to like at all. For this multinational real-estate company with numerous locations in the United States, monthly telecommunications costs have been staggering. Coupled…Read More

Working with DSLAM Provider Opens the Door to Better Pricing for Client

For a global supplier of set-top boxes, DSL modems and cables, ensuring high-quality products is critical. MicroAge’s Barrett Lamothe not only helped this client procure essential hardware for testing and quality assurance, but he delivered it at a significantly lower price than the client had previously paid. When the client establishes its testing facilities, part…Read More

The Need for Speed: Recreating a Data Center in Just Four Weeks

The Right Team Makes All the Difference As businesses grow and expand, moving is often part of the process. For this major multinational corporation, moving one of its operations centers in the southwestern United States proved to be a significant challenge in terms of technology and time. Chris Reinhard, MicroAge Solutions Expert, remembers the day…Read More