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Doing IT Right: Tribal Health Org Saves with VMware Non-Profit Licensing

As an IT leader, you know the challenges of managing a team—determining technical needs, allocating resources, managing vendors and more. Where do you start? When Adam Culich took over as Information Systems Officer for the California Rural Indian Health Board (CRIHB), a consortium of tribal health entities, he had a number of objectives. He started…Read More

Meaningful Use of Space: Accomplishing EHR Requirements in Tight Quarters

Compassion. Confidentiality. Convenience. They are three key elements of modern medicine and are all key components of a tribal health initiative supported by MicroAge’s Topher Spinnato. Working with a Native American community, Topher met with its CIO to address how best to merge technology with patient treatment at its health care facility. The goal was…Read More

Finding Solutions Within a Constrained IT Budget

Managing budgets is an essential function of any IT manager. In today’s economy, it can be an even greater challenge when a company doesn’t have much cash on hand and lenders have pulled back on IT financing options. So, when a local consulting company lacked the money it needed to invest in its IT operations,…Read More

Controller-less, Cloud Wi-Fi Solution Improves Retail Chain’s Operations

When the IT manager for a regional chain of about a dozen retail stores was looking to enhance his Wi-Fi environment, he knew he wanted the most advanced technology available. “In most wireless environments, you have access points that have to communicate somewhere to access the security policies you’ve set up. That’s how the technology knows who’s allowed…Read More