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Engineering Firm Relies on MicroAge for Complete Data Center Refresh

Building Confidence Over time, civil engineering fully encompasses communities—from constructing roads to homes, public venues to office buildings—its long-term impact reverberates in numerous ways. For this established civil engineering firm in the western United States, maintaining uncompromising project quality is integral to its ongoing success. Network security, storage, data archiving, and disaster recovery are equally…Read More

Virtualization Can Generate Long-Term Savings, Avoid Short-Term Spends

IT directors have plans. They have visions for the future of their departments — the equipment, space and budget they’ll need in five or even 10 years. As a financial software services firm recently learned, having an information technology partner that also understands long-term planning can help companies accomplish their goals and maybe even save…Read More

Virtualization of Servers Helps Law Firm Go Green—and Save Green

When a large Midwestern law firm decided to go green, it was about more than installing blue recycling cans. Green meant paperless processes, Energy Star technology and even transportation subsidies for employees who rode the bus or carpooled. More than that, the six-office, 400-plus-user firm saw an opportunity to make information technology updates that would…Read More

How an International Outsourcing Company Improved IT Efficiency

Virtualization is the New Reality Providing a range of business services ranging from HR outsourcing and finance to IT outsourcing and customer service call centers, this Fortune 500 client company has thousands of employees and a significant national and international presence. It also operates data centers in the western United States that employ approximately 2,000 people, and…Read More

Health Care Data Center Relocation and Overhaul Increases Security, Savings

Building a Healthy Data Infrastructure One of the largest health care associations in the United States with numerous locations and divisions, this client’s operations run and depend on its data center. For a number of years, data center operations were outsourced to a hosting partner, and fees and costs continually increased. Further, accessibility to the partner’s location…Read More

Software License Consolidation and Management for BSA Compliance

Managing software licenses and staying in compliance with the 'software police' can be a challenge for IT managers and network administrators everywhere. The tracking of users to licenses can quickly get out of hand and pull the responsible party into a virtual vortex of logins, passwords, licenses, headcounts and the numerous spreadsheets to try and…Read More