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Microsoft Teams

Take Your Teams Experience Farther


Momentum Starts with

Your Teams

MicroAge is a Microsoft Solutions Partner with a team of certified facilitators ready to navigate you through your Microsoft Teams platform, empowering business continuity and unleashing powerful out-of-the-box capabilities to ignite collaboration.

User Education

Take your teams deeper with user education to empower collaboration and productivity at your organization.

IT Pro Training

Support your IT leaders with our IT Pro training—promoting best practices and total proficiency with all the hidden resources Microsoft Teams includes.

Best Practices

Position your Teams platform for administration, governance, and security and fuel business continuity with a custom strategy and step-by-step onboarding.

Teams Voice Onboarding

Our experts understand the power in continuity—they integrate your calls, chat, meetings, calendars, and emails into one powerful communications platform.

Powerful Insights

Harness expert insights into the latest Microsoft Teams capabilities. Our experts alert you to new features available and how they can keep your teams connected.

Connect with
an expert now

Drive a connected remote workforce built for the new normal—and for the future with Microsoft Teams. Our experts are here to help you get more out of every interaction. Go deeper on our Microsoft Teams explainer page.

Stay Current and Connected

Get the latest industry trends and best practices from our experts in your inbox, along with invites to our latest connected workplace webinars.

Free Microsoft Admin Training: "Mastering Your Microsoft Strategy in 2024"

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