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Data Center

Reimagine a modern

IT Environment


Modernize your

Data Center

Discover a modern IT environment that scales and streamlines operations while supporting edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and automation. Don’t let legacy infrastructure hold your organization back from transformation—our experts guide you every step of the way.

Data Center Infrastructure

Build a modern infrastructure that supports changing technologies and business goals. 

Data Center Security

Protect your organization from evolving threats and mitigate risks with our experts.

Data Center Software

Fuel deeper insights and intelligent operations—wherever you are in your cloud journey— with virtualization. MicroAge has you covered every step of the way. 

Data Center

Transform your infrastructure into a runway for innovation

Gain speed, momentum, and efficiency, and expand storage with a hybrid or cloud-based data center virtualization positioned for the future. MicroAge helps you transform your infrastructure into a springboard for new technologies and evolving workloads. Respond to sea changes and market shifts with dynamic resource management—provisioning servers faster. Reduce costs and free up more resources for digital transformation, minimizing hardware and your cost of ownership. 

At MicroAge, our data center experts know the value in having future-ready infrastructure. Our team manages every aspect of your data center infrastructure—from integration of virtual and physical system management to optimizing workloads for virtualization. And, we’re committed to getting it right the first time.

Data Center

Protect your data with a comprehensive security strategy

Arm your organization’s most valuable resource—your data. Secure your perimeter with intelligent firewalls and web security. Protect your organization from malware threats while enjoying simple cloud-based management and interconnected functionality. 

With over four decades of experience, MicroAge experts can assess, define and architect your security strategy around your business needs—guiding your software selection with objective knowledge and powerful insights. 

Our security experts identify vulnerabilities in your security and disaster recovery plans to ensure your organization continues running without any interruptions. Stop reacting and let our team build out a robust security strategy for your data center—protecting you from malware and expensive breaches, and safeguarding you and your clients from future security threats.

Data Center

Align deep insights with high-performance technologies

Discover your next move with analytics from our services experts via wireless assessments, site survey assessments, storage assessments, network assessments and licensing assessments and audits. MicroAge examines every layer of your operations to uncover opportunities and make a powerful impact. With your IT assessment, MicroAge guides you forward to modernize your IT environment.

Rest assured with assessments that highlight vulnerabilities to secure your assets and promote compliance through penetration testing and more. Tap into insights on your infrastructure and learn how you can modernize and make a positive impact, re-aligning workloads with the best-fit technologies to find the most value and efficiency.

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Client Stories

Expect more from your data center

Learn how we’re helping organizations support transformation by modernizing their infrastructure.

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We get it right the first time

Strategic Consulting

Tap into deep insights and a powerful competitive edge to push your IT roadmap further.


Empower digital transformation—discover scalability, security and agility on the cloud.


Connect your modern workforce while fueling efficiency and productivity.


Propel business and operations forward and conquer your technology roadmap—faster.

Connect with a data center expert today.

Increase security, productivity and efficiency—let our team guide you through optimizing your environment. 

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