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Add Efficiencies While Reducing Costs with Smart IT Solutions


Technology expertise and a wide

range of services at your fingertips

Navigating IT procurement in the Federal Government can be a maze for both government employees and partners. But it doesn’t have to be. When you collaborate with our seasoned experts, who have extensive experience with federal clients, you’ll find the process streamlined and straightforward.

Our mission is to simplify every step, from architecture to contracts to deployment. We’re well-versed in the regulations governing IT procurement within the federal government, and we understand the challenges you face – from tight budgets to strict timelines.

Let us guide you through the process, ensuring you get the hassle-free IT solutions you need. Our solutions span critical areas of IT, including:

  • Mission-critical data management, protection, and storage
  • Protecting critical data infrastructure and assets
  • Adoption, use, and safe management of fast-evolving AI technologies
  • Advanced cybersecurity solutions and user awareness training
  • Cloud services, migrations, and optimization
  • IT Help Desk services and support
  • Microsoft M365 implementation, managed services, and support

MicroAge offers numerous contract vehicles with federal agencies and is listed on multiple GSA schedules, so you can procure what you need quickly and efficiently. Now, with a trusted partner, you can confidently create and execute your IT roadmap.

MicroAge Government Solutions

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Smart IT Solutions

Get the technology expertise and support services you need to protect critical data infrastructure assets while improving the end-user experience, your cybersecurity posture, and operational efficiencies.

Comprehensive Technology Services

Full range of technology planning, implementation, monitoring, and security services.

Data and Infrastructure Security

Fortification and security of data infrastructure and processes to safeguard against evolving threats.

Advanced Cybersecurity & User Awareness Training

Fortify your government entity with advanced cybersecurity strategies and tools.

Public, Private & Managed Cloud Solutions

Empower productivity, security, and continuity in your cloud environment.

Microsoft M365 Solutions

Boost your organization’s productivity, collaboration, and security with expert M365 solutions.

IT Help Desk Services

Fuel productivity and improve the end-user experience with expert support, ticketing, and ticketing resolution.

Add new efficiencies, streamline procurement, and get the expert help your organization needs to succeed.

Talk to a Government SpecialistTalk to a Government Specialist

Advance Your Security Posture with Expert Cybersecurity Solutions

Strategic Consulting

Tap into deep insights and a powerful competitive edge to advance your security operations roadmap.


Create a security operation that’s built to last with best-in-class tools and experts at your side around the clock.

ManageWise Managed Services

Proactive IT support services designed to help keep your business humming around the clock.

Cloud Security

Innovate at cloud speed to streamline and scale while adding new levels of productivity and security.

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