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Discover agility and scalability with the cloud solutions and services perfect for your organization. Whether you’re on the cloud already, or on the path there—MicroAge has you covered.

Explore Microsoft 365Explore Microsoft 365

Azure Managed Services

Achieve new levels of innovation and productivity with comprehensive managed services for your entire Azure environment.

Azure Public Cloud

Hyperscale workloads and fuel collaboration across the cloud without unpredictable costs or outages.

Azure Consulting Services

Build a smarter public cloud strategy and environment with a focus on your unique business goals and challenges—every step of the way.

Managed Cloud

Arm your organization against disruption with security, backup, and managed services for your Microsoft 365 and Azure cloud environment.

Take Your Business to New Heights

Today’s businesses need a cloud solution that’s both agile and secure, yet the path to cloud success can be tricky. Our experts connect your business strategy with the right cloud strategy to fuel innovation and growth. We analyze where the cloud adds value and implement trusted best practices for a more efficient and effective business, whether multi-cloud, private, or public.

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Cloud Strategy & Readiness
Cloud Migration
Cloud Security
Cloud Cost Optimization
Cloud Backup & Archive
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Lifecycle Management

The Benefits of the Cloud

Easily Scale Faster

Advance Security

Increase Mobility

Improve Efficiency

Improve Compliance

Simplify Recovery

Leverage Flexible SLAs

Improve Collaboration

Fuel Sustainability

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Cloud Assessments

Simplify your move to the cloud

Prepare for your move with an assessment from our cloud experts as part of our ManageWise™ proactive IT support services. We’ll help gauge your readiness from migration to planning, from storage to networking. Our team of experts evaluate your infrastructure and legacy systems to navigate challenges and identify opportunities for business growth. We know IT leaders want the agility and scalability of the cloud without compromising safety or control.

That’s why MicroAge cloud experts partner with you every step of the way—proactively addressing challenges head on with a full network detail, risk assessment report, network policy, asset detail and 15+ additional rundowns so  you won’t be blindsided.

And, with third-party assessments from our best-in-class cloud security partners, your organization will be protected every step of the way. From planning to migration and execution, to nurturing cross-team relationships, MicroAge architects and empowers your move to the cloud. After migration, we’re here to manage your environment, support your team and provide deep insights into optimizing your technology to work smarter at the speed of cloud.

Managed Cloud

Rest assured with a managed cloud services provider

Transform, secure and accelerate collaboration while we take care of your cloud requirements—every step of the way. Let MicroAge’s team of experts monitor and manage your environment while reporting deep insights to fuel intelligent transformations. Keep your team focused on innovation while our managed services team members manage your cloud applications, devices, and user profiles. Mitigate risks at every turn with user support and 24/7 monitoring of your cloud environment.

With a managed cloud services provider, you aren’t reacting anymore. Instead, from actively protecting your assets and your organization’s employee devices—wherever they are—MicroAge limits disruption to keep your business up-and-running and moving forward.

Software as a Service

Protect and empower with the right cloud services

Drive smarter outcomes for your organization with the right mix of software as a service (SaaS). At MicroAge, we connect you with the services you need to arm your organization, secure your data and optimize your cloud investment. Our objective cloud experts guide you in selecting the right services for your business goals and organizational infrastructure.

Whether you are shifting from a legacy licensing model to subscription, or fully implementing Microsoft 365, MicroAge supports your organization with a competitive, comprehensive mix of services to spark agility, productivity and operational excellence.

Public Cloud

Unleash new levels of productivity and efficiency

Innovate and scale with the latest resources on the public cloud while only paying for what you use. MicroAge designs and builds your public cloud environment for recommended applications, storage and networking. Leverage your team’s talent to work smarter in a reliable Microsoft® public cloud environment.

A certified Microsoft Azure Managed Services Provider (MSP) and a Microsoft Top Growth partner, MicroAge is ready to help you push your public environment further.

Hybrid Cloud

Find the perfect blend of speed and control

Optimize your IT investment—discover the most compatible cloud environment for your workforce and business goals. MicroAge cloud experts help you identify the data you want to store in-house and the apps to run in the cloud.

With over four decades of experience in data center design, our cloud experts know how to effectively and securely integrate on-premise apps and workloads with cloud-based options—creating a custom approach built for your organization.

Private Cloud

Ignite innovation on the private cloud

Take control of cloud resources and innovate faster while freeing up your team members for digital transformation with MicroAge Private Cloud.

Driven by deep knowledge and certifications, our cloud experts support you in navigating complex infrastructure decisions for your business needs. Because keeping apps accessible, protecting your data and innovating at cloud speed is mission-critical to competing in today’s modern business environment.

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