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Managed Security Services

Reinforce Your Defenses with an Expert Security Partner


Managed security

around the clock

Focus your valuable resources on running the business and reducing alert fatigue by adding a proactive cybersecurity monitoring and support services team. Designed to monitor and protect your environment around the clock, our comprehensive Managed Security Services (MSS) solution provides first detection, response, and resolution to real incidents with our seasoned security analysts, giving you peace of mind while quickly improving your cyber defenses.

Managed Detection & Response

24x7x365 monitoring and support of your environment.

First Response Support

Get fast incident response from our expert security analysts.

Simplify Employee Management

Let our team help safely onboard and off-board employees whenever needed. 

User Awareness Training

Leverage monthly user awareness training to help your employee base stay vigilent.

Security Fixes & Maintenance

Ensure security is maintained with ongoing support for 2FA, email, endpoint, and server security. 

Meet Compliance

Meet industry compliance and cyber insurance requirements with advanced security protocols and reporting. 

Advance your cybersecurity posture with expert managed services

Learn how you can get the security you need around the clock.

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Propel advanced
security 24x7x365

Gain the peace of mind you need to focus on running your business with first-response support and priority escalation to designated partners for every product in our security suite. Managed Detection and Response support helps reduce alert fatigue and speed resolution time no matter what the incident. Comprehensive employee onboarding and off-boarding administration combined with frequent user awareness training help keep your employee base safe and vigilant around the clock.

Cybersecurity Technology Lifecycle

Your cybersecurity operations take complete lifecycle management and support to help your business stay vigilant around the clock. Our Cybersecurity Technology Lifecycle process includes advanced technology solutions from best-in-class partners, architectural and security solution design, implementation, ongoing management and optimization, and full lifecycle management and refresh.

  • Cybersecurity onboarding
  • Threat detection and response
  • Endpoint and server protection
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • User Awareness training
  • Email protection
Cybersecurity Technology Lifecycle Management

Stay vigilant around the clock

MicroAge MSS ups your security game with advanced tools and expert cybersecurity analysts to help with nearly every aspect of your security operations, from initial onboarding, threat detection and response, user training, server and endpoint protection, and the kind of compliance and reporting you need.

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Featured Solution Brief

Managed Security Services Overview

Download and share our Managed Security Services solution brief with your team to evaluate if our security solution might be right for you.


Together we make security happen

Strategic Consulting

Tap into deep insights and a powerful competitive edge to advance your security operations roadmap.


Create a security operation that’s built to last with best-in-class tools and experts at your side around the clock.

ManageWise Managed Services

Proactive IT support services designed to help keep your business humming around the clock.


Innovate at cloud speed to streamline and scale while adding new levels of productivity and security.

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