MicroAge Help Desk Services

Empower productivity

and a positive

user experience

Standardize your end users’ help desk experience, lower your management overhead, utilize enterprise-grade tools and resources, work with a partner to roadmap technical objectives, understand how your end users operate and reduce the time spent on non-production impacting issue resolution.

MicroAge Level 1 Help Desk Support

  • Help desk team response and support for your workforce
  • M365 application support
  • End user day-to-day support needs, such as desktop, passwords, and network connectivity
  • Basic support for company web applications
  • Response and support for internal procedures

MicroAge Help Desk Services onboarding:

The foundation for a successful long-term relationship is built within the first 45 days of engagement. With proper expectations, access, and collaboration, an efficient, thorough onboarding process leads to a near seamless go-live date.

Access and discovery

  • Gain access to environment(s)
  • Document passwords, documentation, assets, contacts, and standard operating procedures

  • List of locations, points of contact, escalation paths
  • MicroAge responsibilities vs. client responsibilities
  • Metrics, SLAs, KPIs, dashboards
  • Knowledge base
  • Email, phone, web integrations
  • User experience surveys for customer satisfaction ratings (net promoter score)
  • Weekly cadence calls for go-live data
  • Monthly cadence calls for business reviews

  • Support ticket flows
  • Work sessions for final adjustments
  • Confirm go-live date and day-one expectations

  • Begin validated and tested Help Desk Services

Help Desk Services standard KPIs and SLAs:

  • First response
  • Average ticket resolution
  • Ticket handle time
  • Call answered
  • Call back
  • Call abandonment

Level up your
user experience

Keep the focus on innovation while conserving critical IT resources with a flexible support solution that scales with changing business needs.