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MicroAge Monitoring Services

Spark smarter business

operations with more visibility

With MicroAge monitoring services, you can increase visibility, mitigate outage times, and improve mean time to recovery by offloading day-to-day non-productive work. Our affordable services provide alerting and break/fix support for alert resolution.

What we monitor

  • Azure resources
  • Servers, workstations
  • Network Devices
  • Resource utilization
  • Application awareness – SQL/applications/IIS/etc.
  • VPN tunnels
  • Switch configurations
  • Datastores

How our clients benefit

  • Understand capacity planning
  • Increase uptime
  • Provide visibility on all resources in the environment from a cloud-based solution
  • Discovery of environment and building of Standard Operating Procedures around documented actions

Take more control
with visibility

Fuel smarter business operations and mitigate potential dangers before they can occur with a deeper view into every aspect of your business.

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MicroAge now offers U.S.-based support services for Thales Group security solutions.

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