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IT Solution Expertise Across Industries, With Personalized Attention


Regardless of your industry, MicroAge has your IT solutions covered. For five decades, we've been working with businesses of all types--and amassing the industry-specific knowledge that comes with it. All while never losing sight of the individual business' needs. Check out how MicroAge responds to your industry's IT challenges.

The record-heavy health care industry often has compliance standards to keep up with--on ever-decreasing budgets. MicroAge is the partner you need to keep the lifeblood of your organization pumping.

The financial industry doesn’t sleep even when the market is closed. IT works overtime to process it all. MicroAge knows how to keep your financial services race-to-the-top humming.

No industry is safe from cyber crime. But the immense amount of data in the legal industry can be especially attractive to hackers. MicroAge solutions protect the mass of knowledge housed by law firms and political organizations.

Educational studies have come a long way from the one-room classroom. Modern challenges faced by educational institutions have changed the way we teach and learn. MicroAge moves your technologies to the top of the class.

Retail needs quick scalability to meet increasing customer demands. A slow solution can make or break a growing retail business. MicroAge has the solutions to give your business more cha-ching.

When building is your business, IT networking can be a challenge. Not to mention the need for rugged solutions that can handle any environment. MicroAge is the partner your organization can rely on for solutions that stand tall in the face of adversity and challenge.

If your manufacturing or shipping business is set for growth, you need the right IT systems in place to support it. MicroAge has solutions that ensure your organization can ramp up operations while maintaining your budget's integrity.

When the masses are clamoring for their favorite pastimes, there’s not a minute to lose. With MicroAge as a partner, you can solve the stickiest issues.

When your job is protecting municipalities from what goes bump in the night, your control center and IT always has to be ready. MicroAge serves and protects with the best solutions for your operations.

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