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Disaster Recovery

How long would it take you to recover all of your company’s data in the event of a disaster?


Are you prepared for a disaster? According to the 2014 Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark Survey, chances are you’re not. That’s because the survey revealed that 73 percent of companies are not prepared.

Disaster recovery is about more than backing up data. It’s about business continuity and how companies recover after a disaster — such as a natural disaster, hardware failure, hacking or even simple human error.

Nearly 25 percent of respondents in the preparedness survey indicated they had lost most or all of a data center for hours or even days in the past year. What would happen to your business if you experienced such a loss? Could you get your data back? How long would it take? What would it cost the company in lost productivity? Is it possible you’d even go out of business as a result?

Losses from outages can from range from thousands to millions of dollars, depending on the size your business and the scope of the disaster. That’s why disaster recovery (DR) planning, solutions and testing are critical.

Assess Your Risk Today

Is your disaster recovery plan solid? Complete our Disaster Recovery Risk Assessment Checklist to determine your company’s risk and help identify areas of improvement.

A disaster recovery solution can help:

  • Plan for any type of disaster that could lead to lost data and downtime.
  • Ensure data is safely and securely backed up and replicated.
  • Prevent lost productivity due to downtime.
  • Recover business-critical data within hours.

As your DR partner, MicroAge can help:

  • Assess your risk level.
  • Determine an RPO and RTO appropriate for your business.
  • Provide education around DR budgeting strategies.
  • Evaluate back-up and DR strategies.
  • Design a comprehensive custom DR plan that incorporates the right mix of hardware, software and cloud-based technologies.
  • Ensure you can adequately test your DR solution.
  • Increase your confidence level that you can have your business back up and running quickly.

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