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Power and Cooling

Have power and cooling costs gone through the roof...and do you have enough muscle to power your data center?

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According to Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, cooling systems consume 34 percent of the power used by a data center. They also generate a lot of heat.

MicroAge can help you avoid an overheated server or power outage with optimized power and cooling systems that reduce energy costs. Yet, you’ll still have the fuel needed to power your data center.

We’ll help you identify opportunities for reducing power and cooling in your data centers and server rooms, and design a muscular power and cooling scheme that meets your goals.

Be One Cool Customer

A dynamic power and cooling system can help:

  • Create true cooling efficiency across all systems.
  • Cut power, cooling and other operational costs.
  • Consolidate servers and increase utilization.
  • Increase energy efficiency.
  • Meet mandated green initiatives/efficiency standards.

As your power and cooling partner, we can help:

  • Assess your infrastructure.
  • Identify opportunities for optimizing power/cooling.
  • Design a power/cooling strategy to meet your requirements.
  • Source the right appliances for your infrastructure.
  • Implement the solution in your environment.

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Our Power and Cooling Expertise

When it comes to optimizing power and cooling in data centers, we know our stuff. We hold certifications and accreditations with all of the major providers of power/cooling solutions, including APC, Eaton, Emerson, Tripp Lite and more.

In fact, MicroAge sales and technical consultants total more than 1,000 partner certifications and average 13 years of experience each. That makes us uniquely qualified to create the right power and cooling solution for you.

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