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Government Contractor Turns to Vet-Owned MicroAge for Cisco DPAS Order

Government contractor earns high rating after engaging MicroAge as IT provider for DPAS-rated order. Government contractors deal with sensitive data—top-secret information that requires high-level security clearances. As a veteran-owned business, MicroAge understands this. “When we work with government contractors, we don’t have the advantage of knowing much about the end users,” explains MicroAge’s Michael Zitar.…Read More

Production Floor Build-Out: MicroAge Rescues IT Manufacturer in Crisis

It’s an IT manufacturer’s worst nightmare. After outsourcing a product build, company leaders couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Flaws in the product, delays, incomplete boxes shipping out. “This supplier was putting the company at serious risk,” explains MicroAge's Chris Robinette. “They were burning their own brand with this defective product. So, they decided to…Read More

How MicroAge Simplified an IT Buyer’s Job

Nine. That’s how many vendors the IT Buyer of a government contractor’s security systems division had to work through to get her job done. Then, she discovered MicroAge’s David Knowles and Chris Robinette. “We were able to source so many things for her.  It made her job less stressful and much more efficient,” David says.…Read More

Delivering Hard Drive Enclosures…Along with an Idea to Brand Them

A miracle worker. That’s what Chris Robinette is. He’s also a MicroAge solutions expert, and he and his business partner, David Knowles, take great pride in being able to deliver results that few others can. When the Director of Technology of a digital media company was looking for someone who could work miracles, one of…Read More

Expediting a Build-to-Order UPS Keeps Data Center Move on Schedule

Serving local businesses and families with an array of banking services, this regional banking client has enjoyed rapid growth and success. As a result, it planned to move its data center to another location and install a new UPS solution to accommodate for future expansion. The power solution of choice? APC’s three-phase Symmetra PX SY30K40F UPS…Read More

Finding Mission Critical Components in the Midst of Thai Flooding

Hard Drive Natural disasters have profoundly negative consequences—most obvious are immediate human effects. Less obvious, but highly significant, is the impact on industry. Thailand, home to the manufacturing plants of many leading technology brands, is also home to annual monsoons. In late 2011, the monsoon season was like no other in recent memory. With weeks…Read More

Security Solutions for Critical Energy Industry IT and Infrastructure

Protecting the Grid: MicroAge's Energy and Expertise Helps Fend Off Threats For decades, the security of virtually all providers in the energy industry—from power generators to oil refineries—and their process control systems was considered immune to attack. Operating under the assumption that these types of internal networks were closed, most facilities presumed their critical infrastructure…Read More