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Ransomware Attack Remediation with a Successful Outcome

Ransomware attack remediation
“Our network is secure. We don’t need to worry about ransomware attack remediation.” “We’re too small.” “We don’t have the budget for that level of security.” For many companies, the objections to anti-ransomware software are real — and understandable. But they don’t hold true for a lot of organizations. In fact, one health care company…Read More

An Innovative Solution to Server Latency Issues with PernixData

Server latency in the office
Planning ahead is critical for IT management success. Without accurate forecasting and strategic planning, you might discover that your organization’s IT needs outpace your budget for new hardware, creating problems like server latency. A Southwest-based wellness company with more than 100 employees learned that the hard way. Three years ago, the company purchased a SAN,…Read More

Sizing Up IT Environments for Virtualization Simplified with Dell DPACK

As an IT manager, you have a certain Goldilocks quality about you. You don’t want too much storage or too little. The best way to optimize your resources is by sizing up your environment to determine the “just right” amount. For a 100-employee lumber mill looking to upgrade its outdated hardware, the right amount was…Read More

Data Center-in-a-Box Provides Secure, Simple Data Migration

For IT and operations leaders, a company’s growth can bring great challenges. For one multibillion-dollar corporation, the growth strategy has involved acquiring other, smaller businesses to bring needed assets and skills into the company. A consistent challenge is data migration following an acquisition. “For business continuity and because of cost considerations, the company has elected…Read More

Wi-Fi Solution has ‘Hive’ Architecture for Efficiency and Scalability

A Wireless Solution Built to Last Construction involves managing complex projects and close coordination of many moving parts. It is vital that a company’s network reliably supports every project at every job site with speed and accuracy. Recently, this well-known construction company approached MicroAge for guidance concerning wireless networking. The company had a wireless network…Read More

Reliable Tape Backup Software Put an End to Data Loss

How Backing Up Allowed this Company to Move Forward Backing up data is pretty much a business no-brainer—regardless of industry, scale or type, no organization wants the major headache of data loss. But what if the systems in place to prevent such data loss fail? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to one of my clients,…Read More

Software License Consolidation and Management for BSA Compliance

Managing software licenses and staying in compliance with the 'software police' can be a challenge for IT managers and network administrators everywhere. The tracking of users to licenses can quickly get out of hand and pull the responsible party into a virtual vortex of logins, passwords, licenses, headcounts and the numerous spreadsheets to try and…Read More

WAN Bandwidth Optimization for Nationwide Construction Company

Any company with offices and operations nationwide has a critical need for reliable file accessibility. Users in remote locations must to be able to quickly access the files they need—even when those files are housed on a server thousands of miles away. Bandwidth can become a debilitating issue when the company is a large commercial…Read More