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Now MicroAge can help improve your email security defenses with our comprehensive Mimecast Email Security and Health Check analysis. Conducted by our email security analysts, the Email Health Check includes a thorough assessment of your entire Mimecast implementation – including critical features and configuration setup – all in the context of your unique environment.

The result is a detailed report that identifies strengths and vulnerabilities, allowing for intelligent remediation measures and ultimately improving your cyber defenses.

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Our Mimecast email security engineers conduct a ‘deep dive’ assessment on your Mimecast implementation to identify where necessary configuration or gaps need to be addressed. This useful report quickly identifies vulnerabilities and specific actions to take in order to optimize every facet of your Mimecast implementation.


Business Email Compromise (BEC) Continues to Be a Top Security Challenge


of companies surveyed have been targeted by email-based phishing attacks


to detect a data breach in 2023 (plus 75 days to contain it)


average cost of a data breach in 2023 in the U.S. (compared to $4.35M globally)

Source: Mimecast 2023 State of Email Security Report

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Delta Dental testimonial - MicroAge Mimecast Email Security Solutions

Delta Dental® Creates an Advanced Email Security Strategy with MicroAge & Mimecast

“We had a solid email security plan that we needed to modernize in order to better protect against the new attack methods that are changing literally every day. With MicroAge and Mimecast, we’ve been able to deploy multiple protocols, employee education and a proven technology solution that takes our protection to the next level. This is a big shift in our cyber strategy.”

John Bruley, Director of IT, Delta Dental

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There were an estimated 255 million phishing attempts in 2022, a 61% jump over the prior year.

Worse yet, more than 70% of these emails were opened by the recipient. This is why companies fear phishing — because it’s easy to dupe someone into opening a malware-laden email and then sharing that email with another, spreading the threat. So, it’s hardly surprising that 90% of corporate security breaches are the result of phishing.


66% of survey respondents reported falling victim to ransomware, and smaller businesses were affected more severely.

Among companies with 250 to 500 employees, seven out of 10 respondents (70%) acknowledged that a ransomware attack had damaged their business, while 73% of companies with 1,000 to 5,000 employees admitted the same. Among large enterprises with over 10,000 employees, fewer than half (46%) were harmed by ransomware.

Source: Mimecast 2023 State of Email Security Report


Nearly all respondents (91%) were aware of email spoofing attempts and close to half (44%) saw a spoofing increase in 2022.

The increase was even more pronounced among government agencies and other public institutions, with 54% reporting more frequent email spoofing. Web domain spoofing is also widespread, with companies uncovering repeated attempts to clone their websites. On average, companies identified 10 such attempts per brand in 2022.

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