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Cutting Costs and Upping Performance with Hybrid Cloud

Image depicting hybrid cloud
When you outgrow your house and want to expand, you need a solid foundation to build on. But what if yours isn’t up to the challenge? That’s the problem a medium-sized SaaS company specializing in credentialing services faced last year. Read on to see how a hybrid cloud solution provided that foundation—with increased performance and…Read More

VMware Cloud on AWS Connects Geographically Dispersed Business Units

Photo for VMware Cloud on AWS solution story
From scalability and continuity to reduced costs and flexibility, the cloud offers a range of benefits for an enterprise. Hosted applications also can be an effective solution for keeping multiple businesses connected. This was the case for a specialized venture capital group that needed the ability to host a finance application in the cloud to…Read More

UCaaS System Saves Time and Hassle for IT Team

UCaaS photo
In the life of every technology, there comes a time when it simply no longer makes sense to keep the old system, no matter how much you want to save money. For one division of a large national commercial real estate company, it came time for a legacy phone system to go — and time…Read More

Benefits of a Software-Defined Data Center: Agility, Security, Economy

Benefits of a Software-Defined Data Center include agility, security and economy
When it’s time to make improvements to your organization’s IT infrastructure, there’s a lot to consider — your IT strategy, your current environment and hardware, your budget and your team, for starters. The IT leadership at one large credit union in the Southwest understood the importance of evolving their technology while maintaining the utmost security…Read More

Network Upgrade Leads to Double the Bandwidth at Half the Cost

Office moves can be a headache—a migraine, really—for IT staff. But for a West Coast payment processing firm with more than 75 employees, an office move presented an opportunity for a network upgrade and new wireless solution for the company. And here’s perhaps the best part: Working with MicroAge, the IT manager came out a…Read More

HP SAN Upgrade Sidesteps Costly Forklift Upgrade

In the data intensive insurance industry, having enough network capacity to securely store your information is critical to your operations. For one MicroAge client, a New Jersey-based insurance provider with 150 users, expanding its 30-terabyte storage area network (SAN) to meet its growing data needs was not the only challenge. The SAN upgrade needed to…Read More

IBM Software License Renewal Analysis Saves Money for Database Firm

The world runs on data. For some companies, it’s just part of doing business. For others, it’s their product. For a company that developed a popular software platform, data is everything. Upwards of 200 TB of data course through the company’s 200-plus servers across three data centers. Also critical is the company’s databases—and therefore, the…Read More

Switch Hit: Arista Networks VoIP Switches Save the Day

Sometimes even dire challenges have happy endings. For the IT manager of a large insurance company, this point was made as MicroAge recently turned a potential disaster involving VoIP switches into a win-win position. Opening a co-location data center, the company was scheduled to implement all elements in a specific time frame. Shipping both product…Read More

Fast Data Recovery Without Breaking the Bank

A data backup system’s primary job may be to ensure you never lose any data. But timely recovery of that data is also critical. After all, when you need a document, you need it now. For a financial institution in the Southwest with more than a dozen locations and nearly 300 employees, fast data recovery…Read More

Avocent DCIM Gives Global Bank Remote Control in Single Pane of Glass

An American banking institution that is also one of the world’s premier financial services companies, the company operates a global technology network of vast scale, reach and management. Keeping these operations at optimal efficiency is critical to maintaining the leanest profile possible. In the United States alone, the company maintains numerous and immense data centers…Read More