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From scalability and continuity to reduced costs and flexibility, the cloud offers a range of benefits for an enterprise. Hosted applications also can be an effective solution for keeping multiple businesses connected. This was the case for a specialized venture capital group that needed the ability to host a finance application in the cloud to normalize IT operations across different entities. They found that VMware Cloud on AWS delivered the virtual infrastructure they needed.

“Because they have five or six different business units geographically dispersed across the West Coast, the CIO wanted the ability to have a finance application available to all the different units without worrying about hosting or maintaining the physical IT infrastructure,” says MicroAge’s Barrett Lamothe, who led the project. “The obvious choice was to put it in the cloud.”

VMware Cloud on AWS Offers Infrastructure without Limits

MicroAge worked with the company to choose a hosted applications provider that would allow the client to stand up the infrastructure without being limited by a geographic location or colocation. VMware Cloud on AWS met these requirements—and was more cost effective than doing an on-prem solution. The client incorporated VMware’s Horizon to deliver desktop services to end users and Workspace ONE mobile device management, allowing the business units to have a consolidated edge infrastructure and providing a better user experience.

In just two weeks, MicroAge’s managed services team was able to complete the deployment, a process that would have taken more than two months on-prem. Now four months out, the organization is already taking advantage of the efficiencies this cloud-based VMware Cloud on AWS application offers them: they can focus on their business without worrying about the typical on-prem issues an enterprise of their size would have to deal with. And based on their success, they’re looking at pushing more of their applications into the cloud.

“The VMware Cloud on AWS solution is 100 percent up, always available,” Barrett says. “By doing this, they won’t have to worry about the hardware or connectivity at local sites going down. If you have a cell phone, a tablet or a PC and you can connect to the internet, you’ll have access to the ticketing, the finance and the scheduling platform so the business just runs.”

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