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It’s proven science that giving thanks actually makes you happier. Sound strange? Just ask psychologists at Harvard Medical who published a study showing that gratitude can literally lift spirits.

So, with Thanksgiving and the holidays right around the corner, we decided to ask our own team members here at MicroAge why they’re thankful to be here this year.


Opportunities are everywhere.

“I am so thankful for our incredible associates at MicroAge. We not only have fun working together, but we care about each other. They truly feel like family. MicroAge has given me and continues giving me so many opportunities to learn and grow and do new things for which I am so grateful. I love coming to work every day!!”

Vickie Liebsch, Director of Administration


Kindness is everything.


“I am thankful to work at MicroAge because of how friendly everyone is. I enjoy helping in any way I can, and being empowered to use my healing abilities at work shows just how open MicroAge is.”

Tarah McKeever, Mindfulness Training Coordinator


Making things happen.


“I’m thankful to work for MicroAge because leadership has built a culture where passionate people can provide outstanding service along with a dedication to improving business outcomes for the clients we serve.”

Ameen Lucas, Account Executive


Amazing people abound.


“I am thankful that MicroAge and its leadership team really values associates. I am grateful to be able to work remote as well as in the office. I am thankful I get to do what I love and work with an amazing group of people every day.”

Tam Luttermoser, Instructional Design & Development


We’re all a team.


“I am thankful that we have hard working creative team members who are making MicroAge a better place! I’m grateful that we have great teams like marketing and engineering committed to helping our clients get the best experience and support possible.”

Daniel Archer, Account Executive


Empowerment moves mountains.


“I’m thankful for a supportive director and executive team who tell me I’ve done a great job and I create positive transformation across the organization. Through all of them, I’ve been supported in innovating by designing, building and managing a business development program and technical training that never existed before here at MicroAge. As a result, I’m empowered to enable our sales and support teams to make a difference for our clients and their organizations.”

Scott Jeffery, Business Development & Technical Training Manager


Quality of work and life.


“I can’t adequately express how grateful I am to be here. Making a difference at MicroAge has been rewarding and only possible with the talent on my team, other departments and the level of open cross-team collaboration we have daily. Our CEO and leadership team care in a real way—no one here feels like a number. And not only do I work with a group that feels like family, I have a work-life balance to see more of my family outside of work. Life is better working at MicroAge, work is too. I’m thankful to be on this team every day.”

Naomi Garnice, Director of Marketing


Best of both worlds.


Jeff and MicroAge have given me and my family the opportunity to prosper personally and professionally, and the chance to work with such great people.”

-Joseph Preston, Account Executive

Looking for something to celebrate this season?

How about a big career move? At MicroAge we’re constantly looking for account executives who enjoy a rewarding, fun and professional environment. Our team is growing quickly! Explore our current career opportunities here.

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