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5 Reasons Single Sign-On is On the Rise

5 benefits of Single Sign-On
Single sign-on (SSO) authentication isn’t new, but it’s only recently gaining momentum as the best practice for organizations across small-to-medium businesses and the enterprise. And that’s no surprise when you’re looking at the increasingly advanced and overwhelmingly present security threats. More intelligent phishing attempts are increasing, ransomware strategies are evolving and newer threats like crypto-jacking,…Read More

Rick Trujillo Answers 4 Common Cloud Questions

Rick Trijullio MicroAge
Still looking for answers on to common cloud questions? You aren’t alone. According to Gartner, the cloud technologies and services market is expected to accelerate in growth over 17% this year—that’s jump of $206B.  Whether you are evaluating the public cloud, private cloud, or a hybrid approach, there are many factors and challenges to navigate…Read More

Digital Transformation: Where to Start

MicroAge Digital Transformation
What is digital transformation and where is your organization on this journey? The movement is quickly changing the way we think about business, but the term itself can be vague, nebulous and well, just plain confusing. That’s why in last week’s blog we covered exactly what digital transformation is—and what it isn’t—find all the details…Read More

Digital Transformation: From Buzzword to a Movement

Digital transformation
There’s been an endless dialogue around digital transformation for years, but now it’s so much bigger than just hype. With the move to the cloud and digital technologies we’ve reached a tipping point forward. It’s a mandatory departure from business as usual that has changed the foundations of business. There’s no going back. That’s why…Read More

7 Team Members Share Why They Love Working at MicroAge

Team members at MicroAge
What's working at MicroAge like? Team members throughout our organization share what they love most about being part of our organization. It's all about the people. "What I love about MicroAge is the people, it's like having a second family. I love the work life balance and the ability to work remotely. I love how…Read More

Meet Paul Walton, MicroAge’s Associate of Q3

Paul Walton and Jeff McKeever at MicroAge
Every quarter, MicroAge recognizes an associate for their commitment to supporting our clients and team members and for living our values every day. Meet Paul Walton, our Associate of the Quarter for Q3 and Business Director for our eastern region. Paul has been pushing our client experience forward for the last seven years. He's known…Read More

3 Reasons to Build Your IT Security Strategy

Having an IT security strategy is more important than ever with ransomware attacks increasing by 12% last year and costing businesses more than $8 billion. And according to Comparitech, downtime resulting from ransomware costs most organizations upwards of $64,000. Spear phishing messages connected to ransomware now have a 6x higher engagement rate than marketing emails…Read More

Your Ransomware Survival Guide Has Arrived

Ransomware Survival Guide
And it's here just in time. Ransomware attacks are on fire—we have some shocking stats to prove it. Organizations of every size are under attack, including local governments. According to the Baltimore Sun, the Baltimore City government lost over $18 million and had challenges for over a month in getting back to “business as usual”.…Read More

Everything You Need to Know About SMiShing

What is SMiShing? It may sound funny, but the latest cyber-scamming strategy can quickly wreak serious havoc on your organization. In fact, some of the largest global enterprises are already losing millions to these scams each year. What is SMiShing? According to the Federal Communications Commission, SMiShing is a mix of SMS—short message service—and phishing.…Read More

3 Important Differences Between Archiving and Backup and Why It Matters for Office 365

Backup or archive, what’s the difference and why is it so important for Office 365 environments? These questions keeps coming up because these terms are used so interchangeably. Knowing and understanding the difference is mission critical when it comes to aligning your data storage methodology and goals. So, let’s get started, first here are definitions…Read More