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Machine Learning: The New Cure-All?

Machine Learning for Security
Every year the IT community latches on to a new marketing phrase that will revolutionize the industry. For the past few years, that term was “Cloud”; this year we have “AI – Machine Learning”. Let’s take a look at Machine Learning and the pros and cons it brings to the security space in particular. Machine…Read More

Guide to Conceptualizing a Disaster Recovery Plan – 4

Before you dive on in, make sure to check out parts 1, 2 and 3! The Internal Conversations you Have to Have In the last installment, I reviewed the process of determining the right recovery type for your organization. The next critical step in the process is making sure we address one of the most…Read More

Mitel Announces Intent to Acquire ShoreTel

Mitel Acquires ShoreTel
Continuing the telecom trend of acquisitions, Mitel has entered in to a definitive agreement to purchase UCaaS and VoIP provider ShoreTel. After Mitel’s failed attempt for a hostile takeover of ShoreTel back in 2014, the two companies have entered into to an agreement. If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em! Mitel will acquire 100% of…Read More

VMware vSphere Enterprise is End of Life so What’s Your Next Step

VMware vSphere Enterprise Upgrade Path
UPDATE:  vSphere Enterprise to vSphere Enterprise Plus 50% off Promo Expiring July 29th, 2017! For those of you that are unaware, as of June 30th VMware vSphere Enterprise is EOL and no longer available for purchase (although support for existing Enterprise licensing will be available through 2020). VMware has moved from the previous vSphere suites:…Read More

Guide to Conceptualizing a Disaster Recovery Plan – Part 3

Disaster Recovery Plan Data Recovery Type
Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this series first! Choosing the Right Data Recovery Type As with any task you need to complete, choosing the right tool for the job is an important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. With so many moving parts in your Disaster Recovery planning and process,…Read More

Public Cloud Security in the Shared Responsibility Model

Private Cloud Security Shared Responsibility
When cloud infrastructure was first coming to market, there was a sentiment that data would not be secure. There was uncertainty of where the data resided and a sense of losing control of ones environment. As the rise of the big three cloud providers (Amazon, Microsoft, and Google) led governing bodies to formally address the…Read More

SD-WAN vs MPLS – A Meraki Lesson Learned

This is a lesson on how doing things the way they have always been done can negatively impact your business. While building the Communications Practice  at MicroAge, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with hundreds (if not thousands) of different organizations about their individual approaches to the wide area network and as of late I’ve seen…Read More

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its Impact on US Businesses

General Data Protection Regulation Pseudonymization
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to streamline and formalize data privacy laws across Europe, protect all EU citizens’ data privacy regardless of location, and reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy. With that said, why is it so important to be aware of GDPR in the United States? All…Read More

Veeam Availability Suite v10 and What It Means For Your Business

I just recently returned from Veeam's annual conference, VeeamON, and one message was prevalent: Veeam is looking to put more emphasis and focus on their cloud and physical environment offerings. The big announcement they left us with was Version 10 of their already industry leading Availability Suite solution which will be generally available late 2017. While we…Read More

The Evolution of Data Center Switching

Evolution of Data Center Switching
The data center has experienced rapid growth in technological innovation; from simple virtualization to a true software-defined data center. With this change, there has been an evolution of the network infrastructure that allows all of the pieces to communicate. We are seeing a change from the traditional three-tier architecture to a spine-and-leaf topology. Below I've…Read More