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Improving Productivity with Mobility Through UCaaS

Mobility Through UCaaS
The Challenge Differentiating yourself to your clients is of the utmost importance in a competitive environment.  Teams need to act quickly, be more efficient and more accessible at a moment’s notice to ensure successful project completion. Regardless of the industry you play in or what your specific role is, I think everyone reading this has…Read More

The Future of IoT

The Future of IoT
The future of IoT (Internet of Things) is the device you already own. Much like the cloud, IoT is the latest marketing term for practices and technology many people have already been using, just at a larger scale. At its core, any connected device falls under the IoT umbrella. Our partner Bitdefender has an excellent…Read More

Deciphering Dell EMC’s Data Protection Portfolio

Dell EMC Data Protection Suite
Even with all the other data protection solutions available on the market, there’s still good reason for a business to consider investing in the Dell EMC Data Protection Suite. Deciphering the Dell EMC Data Protection portfolio — and the suites that they offer — can be reduced to a single premise: Dell EMC offers software…Read More

The Top 3 Reasons for You to Attend VeeamON 2017

VeeamON 2017
If you’re like me, your time is extremely valuable and one of the resources that you rarely have an abundance of. With the tech conference season upon us, it’s easy to be overwhelmed in trying to differentiate or decide which conferences are the most valuable use of your time. In an effort to simplify at least…Read More

VMware VSAN Licensing Guide

VSAN Licensing
VMware VSAN is the industry-leading software based hyper-converged infrastructure solution and is a core building block of the Software-Defined Data Center. VSAN, for those who are unfamiliar, enables organization to leverage x86 hardware to create a highly resilient and elastic pool of storage with the ability to pick and choose the storage devices that meet…Read More

Hesitant to Move Applications to the Cloud? Don’t Be Left Behind

Move Applications to the Cloud
Are you holding off on moving your applications to the cloud? Cisco predicts that in three years, 83% of traffic in data centers will be cloud-based. Many development companies are taking a cloud-first approach with their updates and latest applications. Traditional industries that have long held to on-premise-only infrastructure are making inroads with cloud adoption, with many…Read More

Cisco Stealthwatch: Network Visibility and Security Analytics

Cisco Stealthwatch
Combining their expertise in security and data center networking, Cisco Stealthwatch brings pervasive security to your entire environment. All traffic, both benign and malicious, must traverse your network in order to carry out its function. With Cisco Stealthwatch, your NetFlow data is leveraged along with advanced security analytics to help detect both user-based threats and…Read More

Take Your Backup Plan to the Next Level with Veeam Availability Suite

Veeam Availability Suite
The percentage of time software, hardware, servers and cloud-based applications are fully accessible and working efficiently is one of the most imperative elements of an IT infrastructure. Ideally this figure is 100%, but even the best-designed frameworks will experience unpredictable failures related to both physical and virtual components. Just a few minutes of unavailability can have…Read More

The 3 Security Assessments Every Organization Should Consider

Spotlight on Security Assessments
When an organization fears or experiences a security threat, most go directly to the Penetration Test.  This assessment has the most logical name, and can be an appropriate test to run, but is it the best first step? In this post I want to highlight the three security assessments that I most often recommend and…Read More