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Dell EMC Unity: The New Face of Midrange Storage

Originally published May 2nd, 2016.  Updated April 27th, 2017. The Dell EMC Unity platform is set to change the game for midrange storage. It reaches beyond enterprise solutions, as Dell EMC has designed a simple, flexible storage solution for small to medium-size businesses. Unity replaced the VNX series as the Dell EMC's flagship endeavor, offering significant savings in…Read More

Backups and Their Role in Your Security Strategy

First off, I’m not a subject matter expert in backup or security. Thankfully I lead a team of individuals with specialized expertise in both areas that can help discuss, build, and facilitate solutions to meet your business requirements.  With that said, the interrelationship of backups and security becomes more and more evident everyday. Backups play…Read More

VMware Announces Intent to Sell vCloud Air Business

OVH Group Acquire VMware vCloud Air
As of this morning, VMware has announced that it will be selling it’s public cloud offering, vCloud Air, to OVH Group.  With the recent announcement of the software giant’s partnership with AWS, this is less than surprising as the company looks to move away from their self-supported public cloud offering.  This bodes well for not…Read More

How to Get the Best Data Compression Ratio for Your Veeam Environment

Data compression ratio
Today we’re continuously trying to stretch our dollar and our investments. Doing more with less seems to be the common theme, particularly in IT. With the current explosive growth of data, and its exponential growth trajectory, how do we expect to keep up? If you’ve already invested in Veeam for protecting, backing up, and recovering…Read More

Guide to Conceptualizing a Disaster Recovery Plan – Part 2

Disaster Recovery Goals
In Part 1 of this series, I presented how assessing and addressing potential problems and understanding the business impact is a critical first step in defining a disaster recovery plan. So, what’s next you might ask? Establishing your recovery goals to fit your business needs. "But Dale, how do I properly define my recovery goals if I’m…Read More

VMware vSAN: Why Aren’t You Adopting It?

VMware vSAN Adoption
Recently, I’ve noticed a theme emerging across the conversations I’ve been having with clients. Whether it’s with a CxO or an IT administrator, two wants/needs have been consistent: flexibility and future ready. Flexibility When you think ‘flexibility’, has there been any innovation that has offered more flexibility within the IT landscape than the development and…Read More

Guide to Conceptualizing a Disaster Recovery Plan – Part 1

Disaster Recovery Plan
Assessing Problems and the Impact Have you been tasked with designing or improving your current disaster recovery plan? It can be a daunting task comprised of so many moving parts that it can be difficult to know where to start. The purpose of this blog series is to help you organize your thoughts and outline…Read More

HPE and Nimble: Joining Forces

HPE and Nimble
Another day, another acquisition. Today, HPE announced that it has agreed to acquire the hybrid and all-flash storage powerhouse, Nimble Storage. These acquisitions seem to be becoming weekly occurrences in our industry, but I think this particular acquisition is worth taking note of. Here are some things we hope to see from the newly formed HPE…Read More

What’s all the Hype with SD-WAN Anyways?

Hype Around SD-WAN
The challenges. Cloud adoption has dramatically impacted the way organizations are accessing applications, and the rate at which we see “cloud” being consumed is only increasing.  Leveraging cloud based applications improves the speed of deployment, providing more cost control, and simplifying management. But, before you move all your applications to the cloud, it is imperative…Read More

SIEM and Its Role in Your Security Strategy

SIEM Security Strategy
There is an old parable about the blind men and an elephant. In this story, each blind man touches a different part of the elephant; one the leg, one the tusks, one the trunk, and so on. Each man then tells the others their perspective of what this beast is. They soon discover that they…Read More