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Trend Micro Acquires Immunio

Trend Micro Acquires Immunio
Applications are created with the best intentions; creating the right balance of features, usability, and security can be difficult. Often times, vulnerabilities exist in the libraries used within the code and are not immediately visible to the developers. With Trend Micro’s recent acquisition of Immunio they are taking steps to protect applications from within the…Read More

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: Is it Just Hype?

HCI Hype
Even if you aren’t an early adopter or adamant tech follower, it’s likely you’ve heard about hyper-converged infrastructure, or HCI for short (If you need a little refresher just check this post out). As I engage with more of our clients around HCI, I get asked a lot about the benefits of implementing hyper-converged and…Read More

Dropbox Business: So Much More than Just Cloud Storage

Dropbox Business
In today’s IT landscape, everything is about time-to-market and velocity. You need to be able to adapt and move onto the next project quicker than ever, and with the increased desire to work remotely, this can make collaboration a bottleneck for progress. If I asked you if you’ve heard of Dropbox chances are you have…Read More

AWS EC2 Pricing Models

AWS EC2 Pricing
As IT teams look to keep up with the demands of their end-users and clients, as well as keep pace with their competitors, hybrid IT becomes the default strategy to allow IT to innovate at the speed the business requires. For those of you who aren’t familiar, hybrid IT is the blend of on-premise (private…Read More

SD-WAN vs MPLS…is it Really a David and Goliath Situation?

SD-WAN vs MPLS David and Goliath
Networking is going through a transformation and becoming heavily distinguished by software. I’ve seen quite an increase in the adoption rate of SD-WAN; and not only within the SMB market but by the leading service providers.  What’s more, those service providers are introducing and recommending SD-WAN to their clients. To a greater extent, SD-WAN has…Read More

The Internet Wants YOU: Consider a Career in Cybersecurity

Career in Cybersecurity
In keeping with Cyber Security Awareness Month, we have been posting an article a week keeping with Department of Homeland Security’s calendar. Faithful readers may have noticed we missed last week’s topic, “Today’s predictions for tomorrow’s internet”. Unfortunately, the future is changing so rapidly, we couldn’t decide on what draft of the blog we wanted to…Read More

Cybersecurity in the Workplace is Everyone’s Business

If you missed week 1 of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, check out my previous post! October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and the Department of Homeland Security has outlined some themes for this year’s campaign. Organizations spend a significant portion of their IT budget to help make their environment secure; however, technology is…Read More

Simple Steps for Online Safety

Simple Steps for Creating Safe Online Password
National Cyber Security Awareness Month October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and the Department of Homeland Security has outlined some themes for this year’s campaign which I will be writing about throughout the month. This week, I want to cover some easy ways to protect yourself and your data online. Anybody can take a…Read More

SonicWall Steps Up Their Game with Recent Announcements

The story of SonicWall has been very public; from the acquisition by Dell, to the release back to an independent private organization. Outside observers like myself have been waiting to see what comes next and if SonicWall can rise to the competition. This week, in a press release and a series of regional conferences, SonicWall…Read More

Use of Snapshots for Testing Patches Against Ransomware

Ransomware activity is on the rise, but you don’t have to be taken off guard. Combined with a solid security and disaster recovery strategy, VMware vSphere’s snapshot functionality can quickly and easily help your virtual environment to be protected against these malicious threats with little to no downtime by providing a safe method for testing…Read More