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What’s working at MicroAge like? Team members throughout our organization share what they love most about being part of our organization.

It’s all about the people.

“What I love about MicroAge is the people, it’s like having a second family. I love the work life balance and the ability to work remotely. I love how MicroAge is continuing to adapt to the industry and expanding our client offerings. I love that MicroAge has a strong focus on relationships and allowing sales associates to travel and meet clients face to face to build stronger relationships.”

-Schan, Account Executive

Culture is everything.

“What I love most about MicroAge is the great culture we have here. People treat others with respect and are always looking to help each other for the good of the company, the other associates and themselves. As a company we get involved in activities together for fun or fitness like Pat’s Run, Spartan Race, our awards dinner, cornhole tournament, Last Fan Standing and March Madness. We also band together to help others and our own, including Paz de Cristo, St Vincent de Paul, CASS, Florce Crittenton and ASA Now. And leadership has an open door and is willing to listen and make changes not only for the good of the organization, but for the associates also. I have been at MicroAge for 9 years and couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.”

-Ron, Sales Director

Top-notch and tenured!

“What I like most is the quality of our people. In my years in the industry, I have never been around this type of talent from a company-wide perspective. No matter what department you interact with, there are top-notch tenured professionals all around you providing a great platform to educate yourself about the business as a whole, as well as support you in being your best. The leadership is truly invested in the well being of the company and a positive collaborative culture for all.”

-Wyatt, Director of Technical Solutions

Work-life balance for days.

“There is a true work-life balance here. MicroAge understands that life happens outside of work and sometimes during as well. No one can truly perform their best with the stress hanging on their shoulders, and MicroAge gives that flexibility to ensure that life runs as smoothly as possible.”

-Loretta, Creative Specialist

Leaders who care.


“What I like most about MicroAge are the people. The leadership genuinely cares about the associates, they show us through the many events they sponsor, activities they support, and recognition that they give on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis!! They recognize hard work and reward you for your efforts. Associates at MicroAge exemplify the word teamwork. Everyone has each other’s backs and are always there to offer a helping hand and a solution. I am proud to say that I am a MicroAge associate.”

-Alicia, Human Resources Manager

It’s all about values.

“I have worked for MicroAge for five years and came from a large company. It still amazes me that I can walk into any of the executives’ offices and have a conversation without scheduling a meeting. I also love that the executive team sits down with us at company lunches and attends employee functions. They dress up for Halloween! We bleed MicroAge red… we believe in our MicroAge values and demonstrate them daily in everything we do.”

-Tam, Instructional Design & Development

Working like family is more fun!

“The MicroAge culture is entrepreneurial, requiring self-motivation and personal responsibility, holding us accountable to a specific set of values that form the bedrock of the culture. In return we have an incredible work-life balance with a family-like office atmosphere and a highly rewarding pay structure.

“In a lot of ways its as though we are running our own small business with the structure MicroAge provides supporting our personal growth as we grow and evolve our business and ourselves.  After working for another large reseller before MicroAge, I am truly appreciative of the way that I am treated with respect and trusted with the responsibility for my business.”

-Michael, Account Executive

Work with us!

At MicroAge, we’re always looking for account executives who enjoy a fun, rewarding and professional environment. Our work family is growing quickly! You can apply for any of our current career opportunities here.

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