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Disaster Recovery and What It Means To You

Disaster recovery plan

Companies depend on their technology infrastructure, but the Disaster Recovery Benchmark Survey found almost three out of four companies may not recover from a disaster. I noticed these companies may not realize how damaging it is to go through an extended outage or data loss until it’s too late. Instead of waiting for the worst to happen, I have several recommendations for establishing a comprehensive plan.

What to Do Before Creating a DR Plan

I recommend companies take a few preparation steps prior to creating a disaster recovery or business continuity plan. Businesses should take the time to complete a risk assessment prior to building out these plans, since it’s important to know how much data and time loss occurs due to a disaster. Establish the costs of downtime or profit loss to help non-IT contacts understand the seriousness of a DR plan.

Make a Plan That is Testable

I run across a common situation with failed disaster recovery plans — the company never tried to test the plan. Businesses have to create testable disaster recovery plans so they know exactly what to expect when the worst happens. Otherwise, key personnel may not know what to do or critical backups fail to function.

Disaster Recovery Plan Templates

There’s no reason for companies to avoid creating a DR plan when many assistance tools are available, such as this disaster recovery template offered by Many other tools and templates are available to help guide the organization on the correct path. As an IT solutions provider, MicroAge can help you craft and translate the Disaster Recovery Plan that will fit the needs of your organization and translate the true risk that would be faced with extended downtime.

Checklist for a Business Continuity Plan

I recommend addressing these points as your organization works on developing your plan:

  • Level of Service
  • Production Impact
  • Backup Design
  • Power Management
  • Personnel Facilities
  • Failback Speed
  • Failback Design
  • Failback Order
  • RPOs & RTOs

Technology fuels the business world, but I don’t believe companies take disaster recovery seriously enough. Businesses need a solid, tested business continuity plan in place long before a problem occurs and causes extended downtime.

Find out how solid your DR strategy really is in 5 minutes with our free DR Assessment Checklist.

Author: Dale Janda, Disaster Recovery & Storage Practice Manager

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