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Work-from-home has become a business requirement. Whereas remote network hookups and database access was once considered an added perk, it has fast become a prerequisite for businesses of a competitive mix. After all, vying with industry giants sometimes requires 24-hour workability.

Much akin to the cell phone changing the way we communicate, workspace mobility has provided a newfound convenience to businesses of all industries. At the same time, remote access of data must occur with minimal risk. In other words, your mobile devices must operate with the same level of effectiveness as do those spiffy office settings. MicroAge can show you how.


Your Anywhere, Anytime Solution

The facts are in and today’s leading enterprises are maximizing the upsides of workplace flexibility. Two in every three professionals work remotely on at least a moderate basis; while a stunning 66 percent churn out labor beyond the traditional 9-to-5 timeslot. With customer demands forever on the rise, businesses must stretch work capabilities into unconventional hours and settings. Companies require technology that continues to perform remotely without skipping a proverbial beat.

Thankfully, MicroAge responds with the world’s finest products for optimizing workspace mobility. With industry-elite notebooks, laptops, software apps, and services from HP, quality work can be performed regardless of the time and place. MicroAge offers top-notch products and services delivered with a host of enticing benefits. Unrivaled convenience. From the device management of HP Touchpoint Manager to the mobile application services of HP Workspace, employees remain highly connected to networks, databases, and workloads. Workplace compatibility. Notebooks like the HP Elite X2 and HP Pro X2 are built for remote use and are designed to enhance communication among resources. Simplified management. HP software and service products offer best-in-class features for simplifying device access, data mobility, and PC lifecycle delivery. Reliable protection. Engineered for mobile access, HP products ensure the utmost quality and performance without compromising data security.


Why MicroAge?

Commitment to first-rate customer service, MicroAge is the industry’s foremost provider of cutting-edge products designed for workspace mobility. Through seasoned experience and vast know-how, MicroAge has powered organizations with best-fit technology solutions for five decades and counting.

MicroAge continues to develop strategies that best match client needs, helping them thrive in a competitive marketplace.


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