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HPE and Nimble: Joining Forces

HPE and Nimble

Another day, another acquisition. Today, HPE announced that it has agreed to acquire the hybrid and all-flash storage powerhouse, Nimble Storage. These acquisitions seem to be becoming weekly occurrences in our industry, but I think this particular acquisition is worth taking note of. Here are some things we hope to see from the newly formed HPE and Nimble partnership and some questions that remain:

1. Nimble Cloud Volumes: With the announcement last week of Nimble Cloud Volumes (an enterprise grade multi-cloud storage service designed for Azure and AWS), it will be interesting to see how it gets integrated into HPE’s cloud strategy. Will it be added to 3PAR and the other storage lines? I personally hope that it is as the potential for it to be a good platform is definitely there.

2. HPE’s Storage Portfolio: It seems as though HPE is taking a page from the book of a recent (and fairly notable) acquisition and keeping the storage portfolio as status quo. It looks like they will have three flagship offerings, each designed for a different segment of the market. The affordable MSA for entry-level SAN deployments, Nimble Storage for mid-market to enterprise, and 3PAR solely focused on large enterprise deployments. The one question that remains for me is what happens to the ‘entry-level’ 3PAR that HPE has been touting lately? Will it soon be hitting the bench?

3. The integration of InfoSight into the HPE portfolio will be an interesting addition if the functionality is seamless. But how long will it take InfoSight to gather up enough data points on the HPE storage line to be truly ‘proactive’?

4. The Hewlett Packard Enterprise portfolio is quickly changing. After what seemed to be constant ‘spin-offs’ or selling of divisions, HPE has acquired Simplivity and Nimble in just the last handful of months. Once there is a clear picture of interoperability it will be intriguing to see what the future holds.

5. What happens with existing partnerships like SmartStack, which is largely Nimble AF based? What happens with the October 2016 announcement of Nimbles’ partnership with Lenovo to essentially build out a converged platform? It will be fun to see how that all plays out.

The acquisition isn’t officially expected to close until April, so in the meantime it will be a lot of posturing and speculation. A lot of postitive buzz around HPE has been circling during this first part of 2017 so it’s going to be interesting to see how Hewlett Packard Enterprise is going to be addressing all of this. HPE Discover in June just got a lot more thought-provoking.

What are your thoughts on HPE and Nimble joining forces? Reach out and let’s talk about your take on this acquisition and other IT news at

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