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Jade Hansen and Rob Zack MicroAgeAt MicroAge, we know our team members are our smartest investment and that recognition matters. That’s why each quarter, we recognize an associate for their commitment to supporting our teams and clients and for working and living our values every day.

Meet MicroAge Lead Invoicing Specialist, Jade Hansen, MicroAge Associate of the Quarter for Q4 2021. Jade joined MicroAge nearly five years ago, bringing a relentless tenacity and attention to the details and a brazen follow-through that has helped to accelerate progress for both internal and external clients alike.

Jade has emerged as a leader in MicroAge Operations, accelerating business processes to streamline and automate more for better client outcomes. With her leadership, MicroAge was able to reduce the monthly Cloud Services Partner invoicing cycle from 10 business days, (just a year ago), to one business day—eliminating all of the previously manual steps.

Jade embodies all of our MicroAge values and never stops asking questions or presenting and exploring smarter business approaches to operational processes when the status quo just doesn’t make sense. She takes pride in her work and is constantly making things happen at MicroAge.

1. What brought you to MicroAge/why did you want to work here?

I was fresh out of college, and joining Operations at MicroAge sounded like a wonderful opportunity to expand my horizons. I had a personal reference from one of our great Account Executives. The Phoenix Business Journal Best Place to Work award also attracted me. MicroAge seemed like a nice place to work.

2. Tell us about what you do every day in your role:

I solve problems all day, ha. I ensure supplier invoices are in the system and are timely paid. I assist with any problem invoices or client invoices. I also invoice all our clients for any reoccurring orders with our new automated billing system. I help anywhere and everywhere I can!

3. What do you love about working at MicroAge?

I love the culture here, it’s intimate and has a real family feel. The MicroAge team and leaders look out for me and empower me to learn and grow with the company. Real teamwork and meaningful collaboration, supportive executives, and an encouraging environment—are the three main reasons I love working at MicroAge.

4. We know every team member makes more possible. How are you making a difference?

I do my best to address every situation as my personal responsibility. I view every mistake as an opportunity to grow and improve our operational processes for our internal and external clients at MicroAge. We are a fast-growing company and every chance we have to improve, I take it seriously. I also have some fun while doing it all.

5. Which of our MicroAge values resonate with you most and why? (Add value to everything we do  •  Respect our relationships  •  Act with integrity • Make things happen  •  Do it right the first time •  Have fun!)

Definitely, Add Value to Everything We Do and Have Fun! I live for taking on opportunities to enhance existing processes and to find positive outcomes and solutions in challenging situations.

Plus, who doesn’t love to have fun?! I love all the opportunities we have to join in volunteer events and community events here at MicroAge. Our company culture is unlike any other.

6. What is your best MicroAge memory?

There are so many! Some of my fondest memories are from working together in the office, and I would go up front and get to talk to our lovely Office Manager, Miss Sandy. She was such a hoot, and she was always so encouraging. I miss chatting with our personal MicroAge Betty White. I also definitely miss all our MicroAge parties and events, especially the food.

7. Who inspires you and why?

My parents and my grandma inspire me. They all instilled such a strong work ethic in me, they taught me to be strong and to work hard for what I want. They didn’t only preach these values, they exhibited them my whole life.

My parents and grandma are the hardest-working people I know. They all did what they had to do to give me a very blessed life. They constantly encourage me and are truly supportive. I am very thankful for them.

8. What do you enjoy doing most outside of the office?

I love to go Country Two-Step and Country Swing dancing, trying new places to eat, traveling to different places in Arizona, and volunteering at my favorite local dog rescue.

9. What’s the best advice you’ve been given in your career?

Enjoy the work that we do. We spend a lot of our time at work, and it should be enjoyable! And if you can’t enjoy the work you do, at least work someplace you love. Accounting isn’t always the most glamorous or exciting profession, but I love where I work and who I work for so I enjoy it.  I don’t ever want to waste 40 hours a week of my life being miserable. I enjoy my work and where I work, so MicroAge for the win!

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