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Simplifying WAN Architecture While Increasing Bandwidth with SD-WAN

Working as an objective resource for many MicroAge clients and overseeing the Telecom Practice, I constantly watch for emerging trends in technology that can help the way our clients conduct business in a cost effective and productive manner.   Whenever I hop on the phone with a new company, large or small, I tend to hear about the same concerns and pain points:

  • Increasing bandwidth is a key focus
  • We are spending too much for too little return for bandwidth
  • Simplifying the management of our network
  • Security, Security, Security!
  • More visibility and control within the network.
  • What is the best architecture when adding key cloud applications to our environment?
  • We have chosen UCaaS over the internet and voice quality can sometimes be a concern
  • We would like internet redundancy, but it doesn’t fit the budget
  • We have to be available to our clients
  • Our business must stay up!

Since these issues seem to be a common theme for so many organizations, I decided to keep a close watch on the emerging trend of SD-WAN.  Early on I was skeptical to recommend this solution as I like to see a proven track record of success.  But after evaluating different offerings, hearing client successes, and seeing the shift in the industry, this solution has moved to the forefront of my conversations.

More and more organizations, industries, and executives are moving in the direction of either supplementing or replacing their private network with a hybrid or SD-WAN architecture.  What’s driving this disruption in the market is the obvious; increased bandwidth, lower TCO, and simpler design.

In the age of digital disruption, organizations are constantly being pressured to find solutions to help transform their business into one that is more agile and streamlined.  Convergence, virtualization and SDN (software defined networking) are helping to change the IT landscape and improve efficiencies, processes and flexibility.  Today, we are now seeing another disruptive force enter the market, except this time it focuses its effort on the WAN.

Download the SD-WAN Bill of Rights infographic.

Now, I want you to think of your organizations goals for the next 3-5 years. And think of some of your biggest stresses. Do any of these ring a bell:

  • Moving to the cloud
  • Network Automation
  • Increased bandwidth
  • High network costs
  • Need for more visibility/control for the WAN
  • Security, Security, Security!
  • Network independence – “Our carrier has us locked in!”
  • Improved application delivery
  • VoIP call quality issues
  • ISP redundancy
  • Reduce time/costs for branch office deployment

Am I striking a little nerve?

If your organization has similar initiatives/pain points you may want to consider evaluating SD-WAN.  This technology is as disruptive of a force as MPLS was to frame relay.

MicroAge is here to help any questions you may have and help provide some insight in SD-WAN. Feel free to reach out to me at and we can setup some time to chat.

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