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Telecom Solutions to Help Transform Your Business

MicroAge Telecom Practice

The MicroAge Telecom Practice has provided ‘value adds’ around telecom to hundreds of our clients. The problem is that the term ‘telecom’ and the products and offerings within the telecom space are so broad it’s sometimes hard to understand how MicroAge can best provide value to your organization.

To simplify things, here are the top 5 most common solutions that we have helped our clients with within the telecom industry.

VoIP and UCaaS

Choosing and deploying a VoIP solution can be a daunting task. Cloud vs. on premise? Which provider would be the best fit? Our MicroAge experts have experience and resources to help identify which architecture and providers are the best fit for organizations of all shapes and sizes, from small retail environments to iconic baseball teams.

Voice/Data and Networking

Voice and data needs are actively growing due to increased cloud and application adoption. At the same time, controlling costs increases the difficulty when choosing a provider. Whether the need is simple, such as voice and internet access, or more complex like VPLS or MPLS network design, MicroAge has objective partner resources to assist in understanding the landscape and different products on the market.


Emerging trends like SD-WAN can be a great addition to many environments, but how will it impact your business? Is it just another buzz word? As bandwidth needs increase, and the desire for more control and visibility are becoming front and center, SD-WAN options are available to provide both. However, no two providers are alike. We are here to help you understand the evolving technology, the impact it can make on an organization, and which providers deserve evaluation.


Technologies that fall under the umbrella of mobility are consistently expanding and transforming. At MicroAge, we are able to activate your organizations’ mobile devices, consolidates and reduce cost for wireless providers, help deploy full mobile device management (MDM) solutions, and delivered mobile application to improve business agility.

Cost Reduction

Many organizations overlook long distance, toll free, POTS, and conferencing expenses. Since they tend to take a back burner, many times there are ways that we can help provide immediate cost savings for organizations looking to add to their budgets.

Our objective is simple. We want to help our clients better understand and simplify procurement and deployment for a wide array of telecommunication solutions. We spend the extra time to understand our client’s environment, so you can feel confident that your organization has received the best solution and the most value after giving us a call.

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