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Updated Citrix Receiver is Now Available for Windows 10 S Users in the Windows Store

Citrix Receiver

With the unveiling of Windows 10 S by Microsoft back in May, IT departments will surely uncover quite a few challenges as they implement Windows 10 S devices into their infrastructure.  In the midst, it’s nice to hear that one thing has been made easier: Citrix Receiver.

Citrix Receiver is a key element in XenDesktop and XenApp which virtualizes desktops and applications.  The Receiver is easy to install and allows access to virtual desktops from anywhere, anytime, using any device.  Supporting Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems, users have the ability to access their applications and services regardless of the endpoint hardware device while remaining secure and easy to manage for IT departments.

Simultaneous with the release of Windows 10 S by Microsoft, Citrix released a new Receiver based on Universal Windows Platform (UWP) for Windows 10.  The release was a good start but had some limitations and issues, such as the absence of Skype for Business and system exceptions which affect productivity and create frustration making it difficult for larger organizations to deploy. The release definitely wasn’t what organizations or users were looking for with a full-featured version.

A few weeks ago, Citrix released a significant update to Citrix Receiver targeting Windows 10 S, PC, x86 tablet and IOT Enterprise devices. In addition to performance improvements, the new update will fix a lot of the above-mentioned issues as well as problems with mice, keyboards, and docking stations, content redirection, session connectivity, and lag time for content to load.  Since Windows 10 S only runs applications from the Microsoft store, the new Citrix Receiver ensures that Windows 10 S users can use Win32 apps which may not yet be available in the Store safely and securely.

The speedy update reinforces the relationship between Microsoft and Citrix and their continued dedication to their clients as quoted by Steve Teixeira, GM for Microsoft developer ecosystem, “Microsoft is excited to have Citrix Receiver for Windows 10 devices available in the Microsoft Store, making it even easier to safely and securely connect to your new and existing applications from any Windows 10 S device. This announcement is another example of Microsoft’s strong partnership with Citrix to enhance and extend the capabilities of Windows 10 devices for the modern digital workforce.”

The release is available for download now, in the Microsoft Store.  If you are looking at implementing Windows 10 S devices in your organization, we have experts that can help.

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