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How We’ve Geared Ourselves to be Your Telecom Adviser

Many organizations struggle through the evaluation process of telecom providers and their offerings.  With so many acronyms, technologies, and design options out there, it’s understandable how the complexity of the telecom industry can cause so much confusion. This is the very reason MicroAge built a Telecom practice.

The practice is designed to help simplify evaluation, procurement, and deployment of the many different telecom solutions that MicroAge offers. Whether your project is large or small, we have a team of dedicated and experienced resources to assist you in choosing the right solutions. Here, I’ve outlined some of the ways we can provide value to an organization like yours.

  1. Single Point of Contact

The number one carrier complaint I hear is once the contract is finished the carrier support teams disappear.  At MicroAge, we’ve designed a culture around building relationships with our clients. The average associate tenure is over 10 years, which helps build continuity and accountability. You also have a single source to help you evaluate multiple providers.

  1. Objective Expertise

We deliver objective recommendations to help our clients make informed decision to best fit their specific business goals. We are interested in finding the right technology and the right partner for your business. To do so, we are first interested in understanding our clients, the company, business drivers, objectives, and current pain points.

  1. Deep Understanding of Industry Trends

Our Practice Managers and associates spend a significant amount of time on continued education. We pride ourselves on being informed on the newest trends, challenges, and available technologies. In addition to continuing education, a majority of our experience comes from outcomes of existing clients. We are able to share successes, failures, and common goals of other organizations that we’ve worked with that may be facing similar challenges to yours.

  1. Price Parity

MicroAge partners with industry leading technology providers. We keep in tight alignment with our technology partners in order to ensure we have access to the best options on the market. We are granted the same pricing discounts the direct sales team has access to, but provide additional and objective value. This helps our clients receive the right technology at a competitive price.

  1. Anything but Traditional

Because MicroAge has a holistic approach to IT, we are not limited by only offering services based solutions. Throwing bandwidth at problems that may require more attention is not always the answer. Our ability to offer both services and hardware solutions allows us to look at our clients challenges from top to bottom in order to be able to offer multiple ways to address any given scenario.

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