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Device as a Service (DaaS) is having a big moment with small-to-medium businesses. That’s because CIOs, IT directors, IT managers, and other technology leaders are working in the most disrupted industry and working environment in modern memory. This quick, hard seachange has left SMBs with fewer resources, smaller budgets, often slimmer staffing, and an unshifting abundance of technology goals.

So it isn’t surprising that as small-to-medium businesses cut their budgets while moving fast and nimble—Device as a Service is gaining momentum.

In this blog we explore the benefits of implementing a DaaS strategy to help you evaluate if it’s the right approach for your business—including three major benefits.

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So, what is Device as a Service (DaaS), and who benefits from the service most?

Device as a service (DaaS) lets organizations purchase PCs, smartphones, and other mobile computing devices as a paid service. DaaS reduces IT requests and responsibilities—outsourcing the hardware, software, and management of the equipment.

Using a DaaS model lets smaller businesses scale devices up and down as necessary while updating hardware fast and frequently without adding to day-to-day operations.

You can reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in your business hardware and mobile devices while keeping the workforce on the most current hardware to fuel productivity, the DaaS approach lets small, fast-moving business leaders focus on the constantly moving goalposts—consumer expectations and digital transformation.

If you’re interested in if or how DaaS can benefit your business, keep reading for three good benefits and indicators:

1. Are you ready to do more with less?

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During the current COVID-19 healthcare pandemic, the way we work is changing, and so is the role of IT departments. You’re taking on more as you shift teams and your customer experience to a remote workplace. You’re navigating unified communications platforms and collaboration tools while you manage the onslaught of operational requests from company leaders and board members to keep your business agile and competitive in the face of disruption.

If this sounds familiar then freeing up your internal resources to focus more on strategic, big-picture IT projects is probably high on your priority list, right? Exactly. A DaaS strategy covers your device management and updates to keep your workforce current while empowering your IT team to focus on keeping your organization moving forward.

DaaS lets you align spend with revenues and free up cash flow for other areas like digital transformation that are more critical than ever.

2. Would anywhere-and-everywhere support help?

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Keeping a remote workplace online and constantly accelerating is a new challenge for a lot of small-to-medium-sized businesses. With a DaaS strategy, you enjoy more support to prevent additional disruption to your organization in the form of Cybersecurity threats and downtime—both that can cut into your already ambitious IT budget.

Using Device as a Service, smaller businesses can keep employees connected and supported while avoiding costly downtime and resolving security concerns when or before they arise. DaaS keeps your associates productive while protecting your bottom line.

3. Need more bandwidth to stay focused on what’s next?

DaaS benefits

The new normal might be that there is no normal and the changes will keep coming frequent and fast! The most important benefit of a DaaS strategy is that it helps SMB technology leaders focus on strategic priorities. Not only does Device as a Service reduce or completely eliminate IT support requests that are device and hardware related, it means a single contact for invoicing, accountability, and reliable, fully custom solutions.

How much would lowering TCO help your IT department capitalize on the operational, digital transformation, and sustainability initiatives that will keep your organization moving forward and competitive?  Taking the DaaS approach lets you focus on your customer experience and other strategic initiatives so you can compete with organizations of all sizes during the most uncertain times.

Ready to have a dialogue around DaaS?

If you’ve been reading this blog and you see an alignment between a DaaS approach and your technology goals, our experts can help you determine fit and Return on Investment (ROI).

Get ready for what's next.

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MicroAge partners with you to help you in navigating the right DaaS approach for your IT goals. Connect with our team of experts for deeper insights into how this service can empower your momentum.

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