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Microsoft 365 Environment

Business continuity matters more than ever.

Ready to make your Microsoft 365 environment reach further?

From deployment to training to license plan optimization, a MicroAge cloud expert is ready to help you gain all the agility, productivity, and collaboration that Microsoft 365 offers.

Let MicroAge help you unleash your Microsoft 365 environment with:

  • Total proficiency with user and IT pro training
  • M365 License Plan optimization to avoid over or underinvesting
  • Advanced support and services delivery
  • End-user initiated zero touch-touch deployment
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
Microsoft Solutions Partner

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Support for All of Your M365 Services

  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) implementations for Windows 11/Android/iOS
  • Teams and SharePoint deployments
  • Azure MFA, SSPR, and SSO
  • Conditional access policies
  • Data loss prevention
  • Defender for Office 365
  • Defender for Endpoint
  • Teams cloud telephony

Drive Momentum with Microsoft Teams

Drive a connected workforce with the industry-leading collaboration platform 280 million daily active users (as of 2023)—from implementation to training—to license optimization, 24/7 support, integrations and much more… MicroAge has you covered.

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Microsoft 365 CSP

Streamline your Microsoft 365 environment with expert managed services to streamline costs and contract management, identify potential savings, billing and analytics, 24×7 support and a self-service portal for quick provisioning.


Harness expert insights—unleashing endless capabilities with a Gold Microsoft Partner navigating you deeper through every layer of your cloud environment—including our effective Microsoft Teams Training Program.

Microsoft 365 License Optimization

Center your Microsoft 365 environment around business goals—from discovery to expert consultation and architecting your custom environment—MicroAge makes it work on your terms.

End-to-End Services

Keep your team focused on transformation—our experts have you covered from migration to implementation to project management and managed services.

Managed M365 Backup & Security

Keep apps online and accessible while protecting your data from ransomware, policy gaps, and accidental deletions with our robust backup and security services.

SharePoint Services

Maximize productivity, collaboration, and ROI across your SharePoint platform while MicroAge manages everything from custom builds to integrations to ongoing maintenance and optimization.

ManageWise for M365

Simplify management of your M365 environment with proactive managed services to help prevent unplanned downtime, optimize performance, support the business 2/47, and free up valuable resource time.

Microsoft 365

Q: How can we ensure that our Microsoft 365 licenses are optimized to meet our organization’s needs without over or underinvesting?

A: To optimize Microsoft 365 licenses, conduct a thorough assessment of user needs and usage patterns. Leverage tools like Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics to analyze user activity. Consider a mix of license plans based on user roles to avoid over-provisioning. Regularly review and adjust licenses as your organization evolves. Engage with a Microsoft 365 expert to perform a comprehensive license plan optimization, ensuring that you are getting the most value from your investment.

Q: What measures can be taken to enhance the security of our Microsoft 365 environment, particularly regarding user authentication?

A: Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is crucial for enhancing security in Microsoft 365. Require users to authenticate through multiple methods, such as a password and a mobile verification code. This adds an extra layer of protection, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access. Regularly review and enforce security policies, leverage Azure AD Identity Protection, and consider conditional access policies to ensure a robust security posture. If you are unsure where to begin, contact a MicroAge expert who can help.

Q: How can we streamline the deployment of Microsoft 365 services to ensure a zero-touch experience for end-users while maintaining IT control?

A: Achieving a zero-touch deployment in Microsoft 365 requires meticulous planning. One option is to utilize Microsoft Endpoint Manager to automate the deployment of applications, settings, and security configurations. You can also leverage Microsoft Autopilot for seamless device provisioning and Intune for policy enforcement. Implement a robust change management strategy to communicate changes effectively. If needed a MicroAge MS 365 expert can help ensure a smooth transition, minimizing disruptions and providing end-users with a seamless experience.

Q: What training strategies should be implemented to ensure both end-users and IT professionals have total proficiency in utilizing Microsoft 365 services effectively?

A: A comprehensive training program is essential for maximizing the benefits of Microsoft 365. Provide role-based training to end-users, covering core applications and collaboration tools. For IT professionals, invest in advanced training programs that focus on administration, security, and compliance features within Microsoft 365. Regularly update training materials to keep pace with new features and updates. Engage with a MicroAge Microsoft 365 expert to customize training plans based on your organization’s specific needs, ensuring proficiency at both user and IT pro levels.

This M365 optimization page digs deep into Microsoft 365 features and strategies for your next move.

This brochure explores how MicroAge acts as your complete Microsoft 365 Solutions provider—from backup to security to other managed services.

Everything you need to know about adding an extra layer of backup to protect your organization in the event of a crisis, natural disaster, or accidental deletion.

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