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Microsoft Teams Solution Partner

Momentum starts with your Microsoft Teams.

Empower Your Remote Workforce & Speed Collaboration by Optimizing Microsoft Teams

Are you ready to engage, connect, and empower your remote workforce? MicroAge experts support greater business agility and collaboration by helping you discover a fully optimized Microsoft Teams experience.

As a gold partner, our experts are ready to help you navigate a path to optimize the Microsoft Teams platform. Now you can empower business continuity and unleash powerful out-of-the-box capabilities to ignite collaboration via:

    • User education—taking your teams deeper to empower collaboration and productivity.
    • IT Pro Training—supporting IT leaders with proficiency and all the hidden resources.
    • Best practices—positioning for governance and security with a custom strategy.
    • Teams Voice Onboarding—integration of calls, chat, meetings, calendars, and emails.
    • Powerful Insights—into the latest capabilities and how they keep teams connected.

Let MicroAge help you gain momentum with Teams.

Microsoft Solutions Partner

Talk to a Certified Microsoft Teams Expert

User Education

Take your teams deeper with user education to empower collaboration and productivity at your organization.

IT Pro Training

Support your IT leaders with our IT Pro training—promoting best practices and total proficiency with all the hidden resources Microsoft Teams includes.

Best Practices

Position your Teams platform for administration, governance, and security and fuel business continuity with a custom strategy and step-by-step onboarding.

Teams Voice Onboarding

Our experts understand the power in continuity—they integrate your calls, chat, meetings, calendars, and emails into one powerful communications platform.

Powerful Insights

Harness expert insights into the latest Microsoft Teams capabilities. Our experts alert you to new features available and how they can keep your teams connected.

Plus All the Microsoft Support You Need


Drive your business operations forward faster and conquer your transformation goals with the experts.


Protect your momentum and your organization with best-in-class security technologies for every IT environment.

Strategic Consulting

Tap into deep insights and a powerful competitive edge to push your IT roadmap further.

Connected Workplace

Evolve and adapt your remote workforce for the future while keeping your business connected and secure.

End-to-End Services

Keep your team focused on transformation—our experts have you covered from migration to implementation to project management and managed services.

Managed M365 Backup & Security

Keep apps online and accessible while protecting your data from ransomware, policy gaps, and accidental deletions with our robust backup and security services.

SharePoint Services

Maximize productivity, collaboration, and ROI across your SharePoint platform while MicroAge manages everything from custom builds to integrations to ongoing maintenance and optimization.

ManageWise for M365

Simplify management of your M365 environment with proactive managed services to help prevent unplanned downtime, optimize performance, support the business 2/47, and free up valuable resource time.

Microsoft Teams

Q: What security measures should be taken to ensure sensitive information shared on Microsoft Teams remains confidential and compliant with industry regulations?

A: Security in Microsoft Teams can be bolstered by enforcing multi-factor authentication, configuring data loss prevention policies, regularly auditing user access and permissions, and leveraging features like end-to-end encryption for private calls. Additionally, staying informed about Microsoft’s security updates and best practices is essential to proactively address emerging threats.

Q: How can we integrate Microsoft Teams with our existing applications and services to streamline workflows and improve efficiency?

A: Microsoft Teams offers robust integration capabilities with third-party apps and services. Leveraging connectors, bots, and the Microsoft Power Platform can enhance automation and data flow between Teams and other business applications. API integrations can be customized to meet specific business process requirements, facilitating a seamless and efficient digital workplace.

Q: What strategies can be employed to manage user adoption and ensure that our teams make the most out of Microsoft Teams?

A: Successful user adoption involves effective communication, training programs, and ongoing support. Develop a comprehensive training plan that covers key features, best practices, and real-world use cases. Encourage a collaborative culture by demonstrating the platform’s benefits and involving key stakeholders in the decision-making process. Regularly collect feedback and iterate on the platform’s usage based on user input.

Q: What licensing considerations should be taken into account when implementing Microsoft Teams for our organization?

A: Licensing for Microsoft Teams varies based on the needs of your organization. Typically, Microsoft 365 subscriptions include access to core Teams features. However, for advanced capabilities like audio conferencing, meeting recording, and additional security features, specific licensing may be required. Consult with one of our MicroAge Microsoft licensing specialist to ensure your chosen licensing model aligns with your organization’s collaboration and security requirements.

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