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Cloud Transformation

Cloud Security

Leverage the cloud to gain flexibility and improve data security.

Business moves in the cloud at lightning speed, offering safety, savings, and flexibility. We identify your cloud security gaps, from shared responsibility models to endpoint security. Get the help you need to move confidently to the cloud.

Harness the power of the cloud.

Cloud Security Advantages

Secure Cloud Architecture

Establish policies to reduce sprawl and attack surface, including platform governance, social networking connectivity, and identity and access best practices.

Agility & Scalability

Cut deployment time in half and explore self-service capabilities such as Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), multi-region connectivity, and modular topologies.

Monitoring & Optimization

Enhanced insights into Azure operations and billing, including platform-native tooling, existing SIEM integration, cost optimization, and right-sizing.

Components of a Smart Cloud Security Strategy

Current Cloud Usage

Including the number of cloud apps in use, what they are used for, who uses them, their enterprise readiness, and your risk based on your usage of them.

Cloud Security Vision

Your vision should take into account the overall business strategy and contain measurable outcomes you can report on over time.

Cloud Security Enablement

Safe cloud enablement includes assessing the current cloud risk environment, identifying risky usage and/or sensitive data, and determining which granular security policies to enforce.

Cloud Security Roadmap

Create a roadmap with key milestones, timelines, and owners. Set goals for each stage of the roadmap, as well as evaluation criteria to determine if adjustments are needed.

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