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Testing & Monitoring

Identifying Vulnerabilities is the First Step for Improvements

Cyberattacks continue to get more sophisticated while organizations’ attack surfaces become more complex. Creating a smart defense plan is only one piece of the puzzle. Businesses need to assess risk across their entire environment, then conduct testing to evaluate the security plan from end to end.

We offer penetration testing using the same tools, techniques, and processes as attackers to find and demonstrate the business impacts of weaknesses in a system, simulating a variety of attacks that could threaten a business. Ensure your defense strategies are robust enough to withstand attacks.

Are you consistently assessing risk?

Vulnerability Assessments

Best-in-class vulnerability testing tools scan your environment for internal and external risks so no ‘doors’ are left unlocked.

Penetration Testing

A vulnerability scan identifies potential weak points, then pen testing helps determine the readiness of your current cybersecurity controls.

Cybersecurity Monitoring

Cybersecurity professionals help monitor part of your environment (e.g. fully managed security operations center), or all of it (e.g. antivirus protection, firewalls, email).

User Awareness Training

Prepare a smart user awareness training program to test and instill diligent cybersecurity habits in employees at every level of the organization.

Penetration Testing Phases

Penetration testing begins with a vulnerability scan, then goes further and deeper to test weak areas and identify potential risk.


Gather as much information about the target (environment area) as possible from public and private sources to inform the attack strategy to map out target’s attack surface and possible vulnerabilities.


Examine the target environment or system for weaknesses, including open services, application security issues, and open source vulnerabilities, using specific tools used for various vulnerability types.

Gain Access

Mimic various attack scenarios to determine the best tools and techniques to gain access to the system, whether through a weakness such as SQL injection or through malware, social engineering, etc.

Maintain Access

Determine if tester is able to stay connected long enough to accomplish the goals of the engagement and effectively demonstrate the potential impact.

Test Regularly

Establish testing on a consistent basis. Pro Tip: Change up or rotate testers for best results – we can help – and conduct internal and external tests.

Cybersecurity Monitoring

Leverage external cybersecurity experts who can deliver a 24/7/365 Managed SOC solution to monitor your environment so you can protect everything from the cloud to all devices, virtual machines, logs, and everything on your network.

Prevent Intrusion

Quickly identify vulnerabilities in existing systems while continuously scanning them using advanced intelligence-gathering tools that can proactively hunt threats.

Detect & Monitor

Get help around the clock monitoring all of your network traffic, including logs, in addition to continuous cloud monitoring and improved threat detection. If an incident occurs, experts can help prioritize remediation.

Contain & Respond

Leverage an advanced dynamic custom rules engine for real-time issue escalation with containment capabilities that help quarantine incidents before they impact your networks.

User Awareness Training

User Awareness Training

Help learners look forward to — rather than dread — training with brief, often humorous modules.

Ongoing User Assessments

Safely and regularly test employees on real-world threats with de-weaponized phishing attacks that target your own users in the wild.

Integrated Risk Scoring

Track primary indicators of risk across the training platform and take action with easily discernible user scores to improve outcomes.

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