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Dave Haller

12 Years Industry Experience


Music (I play drums), travel, reading, politics.

Most unusual thing on your bucket list:

To play drums for The Who!

Favorite sports team:

The Washington Redskins.

Favorite songs of all time:

“Behind Blue Eyes,” “In Your Eyes,” “Night Moves,” “Any Way You Want It. ”

Least favorite songs of all time:

“Mrs. Brown, You Have a Lovely Daughter,” “The Macarena” (or any song with a specific dance tied to it).

Favorite birthday of all time:

My 35th… Went to Las Vegas with friends and my wife got me tickets to the show “We Will Rock You.” Brian May from Queen made a guest appearance at the show and played the guitar solo to “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It was a great birthday.

Dave Holds 7 Certifications

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