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Microsoft 365 Backup & Security

Protect your Microsoft 365


Prevent Outages

Quickly mitigate risks upfront and ensure availability of cloud-based workloads while protecting data from security threats, accidental deletion, and policy gaps.

Meet Compliance

Support both legal and compliance requirements with efficient eDiscovery of backup archives to keep your organization in the clear.

Drive Value

Rely on lower costs and avoid unpredictable, fluctuating expenses by moving data to Azure for greater value and consistency.

Rest Assured

Count on MicroAge's convenient 24x7x365 U.S.-based client support and custom implementations built for your unique business goals.

Expand Availability

Simplify continuity from the data center to the cloud—extending availability to virtual, physical, and cloud-based workloads

Respond Sooner

Quickly restore individual items and files—with recovery flexibility on the cloud—in minutes.

Secure Your Perimeter

Harness best-in-class firewall and web security to protect your organization's perimeter with an extra layer of security.

Prevent Phishing & Malware

With email security and continuity you can protect your organization from dangerous malware and prevent phishing attacks.

Take Control

Enjoy a streamlined approach to security—online. Harness intuitive cloud-based management and interconnected functionality that simplifies managing cloud security.

Optimize and protect
your cloud investment

Keep your data available and protected with additional layers of backup and security as part of your Microsoft 365 strategy. Go deeper—here’s everything you need to know about why a robust cloud backup strategy is mission-critical to empowering business resilience and an always-on M365 environment.

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