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The new MSS offering provides comprehensive, integrated, cost-effective cybersecurity services to help clients combat the growing threat landscape and shortage of skilled cybersecurity resources.

Phoenix, Ariz. – Sep 6, 2023 – MicroAge®, The Digital Transformation Experts®, announced today the launch of MicroAge Managed Security Services (MSS) with proactive cybersecurity monitoring and support. MicroAge Managed Security Services offers round-the-clock, expert security monitoring of the client’s technology environment, helping to reduce alert fatigue and providing incident detection, response, and resolution.

With today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity attacks are on the rise, and companies of every type and size struggle to keep up with the technology and resources required to adequately protect their organizations. MicroAge Managed Security Services provides clients with cost-effective, robust protection of their technology infrastructure managed by expert cybersecurity analysts who monitor and support the environment 24x7x365, including first response incident support. MicroAge Managed Security Services includes repair and maintenance of multifactor authentication, email protection, endpoint protection, server protection, comprehensive reporting, and user awareness training, as well as onboarding and offboarding users on those systems.

“The severe, global talent shortage of cybersecurity professionals has been highly publicized, leaving hundreds of thousands of cyber job vacancies in the U.S. alone. This scarcity makes it increasingly difficult to find and hire the right experts to fortify an organization’s defenses,” said MicroAge Executive Vice President Larry Gentry. “Combined with the exploding volume and cost of available solutions that have hit the market, comprehensive cybersecurity programs are becoming complicated, expensive, and difficult to achieve for many companies.”

“The growing need for a complete, integrated, cost-effective way to secure our clients’ digital infrastructures became quickly evident. So, relying on decades of experience, we worked with our clients to develop MicroAge Managed Security Services,” said MicroAge CEO Rob Zack. “This new service will help clients dramatically improve their security posture, simplify their day-to-day jobs, eliminate capital outlay, and remove the management burden of multiple-point products.”

MicroAge MSS eliminates capital expenditures with monthly contract pricing based on the number of associates, helping clients cost-effectively and efficiently meet their security, compliance, and cyber insurance needs.

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About MicroAge
MicroAge combines a powerful mix of technology services backed by vendor-certified engineers and an acclaimed panel of experts to deliver the competitive edge technology leaders need to lead in a disruptive digital environment. MicroAge is a Microsoft Solution Partner recognized annually by Computer Reseller News (CRN) in the Tech Elite 250, Solution Provider 500, and MSP 500 lists of top-performing technology integrators, strategic service providers, and IT consultants. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, MicroAge has a rapidly expanding national salesforce to support growing demand. To learn more, visit

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